Ouer in Indiana het 'n boodskap vir Amerikaners wat bekommerd is oor skoolmaskermandate

Damien Stafford, wat in Whitley County woon, Indiana vertel “Tucker Carlson Vanaand” Vrydag dat hy persoonlik gekant is teen maskermandate van enige entiteit.

If these kinds of things — if you think it can’t happen where you live, you’re wrong. Whitley County is an amazing place to raise a family,” hy het gesê. “Great schools and the best teachers and faculty. Unfortunately what’s happened is the liberal Left has implemented themselves into our education.

Authority figures seeking to enforce mask mandates in schools have beenemboldenedby leaders like President Biden, Attorney General Merrick Garland, en dr. Anthony Fauci, hy het bygevoeg.

What I would like to say to them — we’re not your peasants,” Stafford said. “You’re not our king. We’re done.

Coronavirus prevention face masks. (iStock)

Coronavirus prevention face masks. (iStock) (iStock)

Stafford claimed earlier in the interview that after objecting to his child’s school’s mask mandate, he was met with a strong response.

I told them that my children — if they’re going to enforce the mask mandate, they need to do it universally, and they’re not wanting to do that,” he said of the school. “I disagree with the mask mandate and we can debate about that, but they’re not wanting to listen — and because I’m the loudest, I think they’re trying to shut me up.

Stafford’s children are not required to mask up in the school itself, he claimed, alleging that the school het dit gesê “does not want to deny any child an education— but that on the bus to and from school, children can be removed for non-compliance.


He called these kinds of mandatesdisgusting.

As a disabled veteran who fought for the freedoms for people to choose, it’s just absolutely disgusting that this can happen here in America, and people need to stand up and say, ‘No more.’

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