Infant bats babble, just like human babies, 研究发现

宝宝 bats babble just like human infants when learning to communicate, 一个新的 研究 has found.

Scientists from the Museum of Natural History in Berlin eavesdropped on 20 baby batscalled pupsand found that, just like humans, they practice making noises before learning how to talk to others.
The greater sac-winged (Saccopteryx bilineata) bat pups were observed in their natural habitats in Panama and Costa Rica.
    Researchers took daily audio and video recordings of the pups, tracking them from birth until weaning.
      They found the male and female pups babbled daily for around seven weeks, 与 “babbling bouts” 的 “long multisyllabic vocal sequenceslasting up to 43 minutes at a time.
        Human babies, the study authors said, babble to gain control over their tongue, lips and jaw and their vocal system.

        Rarely seen behavior

          But babbling, or vocal imitation, 他们补充说, “is rare in the animal kingdomand up to now had only been observed in songbirdsthough only male songbirds engage in this behavior.
          This is the first time another mammal has been documented as using vocal practice behavior, 他们说, with both male and female bats engaging in babbling.
          The researchers took the recordings back to Germany to study them.
          They found interesting parallels between the characteristics of bat babbling and human babbling.
          “例如, pup babbling is characterized by reduplication of syllables, similar to the characteristic syllable repetition — (如) ‘dadada’ — in human infant babbling,” said study co-author Lara Burchardt.
            The researchers said they hoped the findings would lead to more investigation into speech development in the human and animal kingdom and, 最终, the evolutionary origin of human language.
            The study was published in the journal Science on Thursday.




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