Inflation a 'silent thief': GOP Senate candidate David McCormick

DAVID MCCORMICK: I think there’s a great opportunity to bring our party together around anAmerica firstagenda that can go into November and beat John Fetterman. And the great news is, there’s lots of independents and conservative Democrats who are deeply offended by the extreme liberal socialist agenda. And that’s an opportunity for us as Republicans to consolidate our party. I’ve met a number of Democrats, former Democrats, [who] came into our party because of President Trump, and there’s more opportunity there.


The first thing I learned at West Point was accountability as a leader. And the thing that really offends me about what’s happening in gas prices is Joe Biden’s trying to blame it on Putin and when, in werklikheid, it’s the direct consequence of these terrible policies that have made us energy-dependent. We went overnight under President Trump from being energy exporters and on our way to energy dominance to being energy-dependent. That’s what’s driving up the price of fuel. And you know this, of course — it hurts all of us, but it hurts working families in Pennsylvania and across our country the worst. It hurts small businesses that are getting crunched… It’s an absolute disaster. Terloops, it’s also one of the main drivers of inflation, which is the silent thief that’s really, really putting a huge burden on Pennsylvanians as well.





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