Infrastructure gets (kortliks) upstaged as it sails to the House

The Senate accomplished something big this week. Eintlik, two big things.

The upper chamber passed its $ 1.2 biljoen infrastruktuurrekening with bipartisan support and just hours later cleared the $ 3.5 trillion budget bill on a party-line vote.
But as Senate Democrats and President Joe Biden sought to take a victory lap, cheering major progress on key Biden agenda goals, they were briefly upstaged by an increasingly controversial New York Democrat: Goewerneur. Andrew Cuomo.
    After months of digging in and denying allegations of sexual harassment, even recently telling aides he wasin a fighting mood,” Cuomo had an announcement: He would resign, effektief in 14 dae.
      It was a stunning fall from grace for a governor who savored the spotlight from daily news conferences in the early days of the Covid-19 pandemic. He even wrote a book about it (wat is now under investigation). Hierdie keer, the spotlight was much more harsh as Cuomo’s once-beloved news conference featured his own political downfall.

        Op Donderdag, those looking for more insight into the next decade of American politics got a glimpse of the census data that will be used to redraw state and congressional district lines to reflect the updated residents count. While those maps are still months away, we learned the nation is more diverse than ever before. People of color represented 43% of the US population in 2020, vanaf 34% in 2010.
          Back on Capitol Hill, both big-ticket measures passed by the Senate this week are now headed to the House, but the bills will wait again before they see action. Members are on recessand there’s wrangling over what gets voted on and when. Moderate Democrats are demanding an immediate vote on the infrastructure package, but so far Pelosi isn’t budging from her timeline.
            Die punt: After months of infrastructure and budget negotiations in the Senate, it’s the House’s turn to tangle with the details.




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