'Ingraham Angle' on Amex's workplace requirements, coverage on Hunter Biden

LAURA INGRAHAM, FOX NEWS HOST: I am Laura Ingraham. This is THE INGRAHAM ANGLE from Washington tonight. We have a lot to get to, including the very real security threat now posed by the president’s son. But first, controlling kids with fear. That’s the focus of tonight’s ANGLE.

Right before they do something really horrendous, Democrats typically invoke the children.


REP. NANCY PELOSI (D-CA): That is what we’re all about, the future for the children.

SEN. CHUCK SCHUMER (D-NY): If you work hard, you can do better and pass on even greater opportunities for your children.

KAMALA HARRIS, VICE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES: The people must be able to decide our country’s future, to determine your future, the future of your children.


INGRAHAM: The young people, they’re always the ones paying the steepest price in the twisted world they’re creating. Now, when kids need clarity and objective truth, schools teach gender confusion and racial animosity, all controlled by activists who are in bed with the teachers unions who are in bed with the Democrats. They’re bought and paid for.

Meanwhile, our so-called public health officials, all progressives, are turning our young people into COVID paranoiacs.


LILA HARTLEY, STUDENT: Dear superintendent, Dr. Green and school board members, I would like to encourage the requirement of masks at school in Duval County. I’m so worried that if masks are not required, my brother could go to school one day and the next be dying in the hospital.

WILL HARTLEY, STUDENT: At school, I wear two masks because I want to make sure I don’t get sick.


INGRAHAM: Now, this is so sad. And I blame the parents, but mostly I blame the Democrats. They want everyone scared. They want you in hiding, they don’t want you to talk to your neighbors, they don’t want to go to church. They want you to be waiting for the next order from the CDC. It’s cruel.

The road to hell, it’s paved with “Please keep your distance” stickers. Like a piece of wet fabric that kids bite on all day long is going to be a magic seal against one of the most transmissible viruses we’ve ever seen. It’s ridiculous.

Now, buffoons like Norman, Oklahoma school board member Linda Sexton thinks so, because she tried terrifying kids into mask compliance in a subtle, quiet gentle way.


LINDA SEXTON, NORMAN SCHOOL BOARD MEMBER: It’s just not ok for kids to commit murder by coming to school without a mask. And when it comes down to it, it’s possible. They will cause a death of another child because they come to school without a mask. That’s not ok.


INGRAHAM: Well, she later apologized. But sorry, that’s not ok. Even liberals though were starting to admit the absurdity of this.


MICHAEL OSTERHOLM, CENTER FOR INFECTIOUS DISEASE RESEARCH AND POLICY: We know today that many of the face cloth coverings that people wear are not very effective in reducing any of the virus movement in or out. We need to talk about better masking. We need to talk about N95 respirators.


INGRAHAM: All right. So even better, we’re going to put a tight-fitting surgical grade mask on our kids for seven hours a day, and then expect them to perform just so well. Oh, yes, perfectly adjusted. An automatic three- day suspension for any student who forgets his mask at home, especially the N95.

Now, let’s be clear. The left isn’t doing any of this because they’re worried about Governor DeSantis, or because there are too few people vaccinated. And they’re not instilling fear because they’re still Americans who have questions about the vaccinations. The truth is, they do this even if everyone was vaccinated. They would do it in states where they control every aspect of government. They would do it and they do much more, if there were no Republicans at all. Why? Because their agenda is based on fear.

Sure. Fear of COVID, but fear of climate change, fear of capitalism, fear of standards, fear of hard work, fear of religion, fear of your fellow Americans, fear of our history. They want to terrify our kids, to train them to feel helpless and afraid, to teach them that the world is a very terrifying place, and only the experts and big government can protect them.

This is evil. But thankfully, parents nationwide have finally begun to fight back as they did in Tennessee yesterday.



UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: I’ll see you all in court. My child will not be wearing a mask.


INGRAHAM: Dr. Fauci would be so disappointed in you people. By the way, why wasn’t Dr. Fauci and Francis Collins constantly lecturing kids about mastering the nasty night 2019 flu season when a record 188 of them died? By comparison, in the 18-plus months COVID has been with us, 354 kids have died. Tragic? No doubt. But the rate is still lower than the nasty influenza season when thousands were dying.

Now, when today’s Democrats aren’t pushing masks on our kids, they’re pushing victimhood on them. In this depressing daily drama, everyone who is not white is aggrieved. Everyone who is not white is discriminated against, and everyone who is not white should be able to jump the line and get special benefits due to America’s past and ongoing mistreatment of them.

In other words, Democrats are teaching our young to rely on things like skin color to get ahead. Forget the concept of hard work and using your God-given talents, which everyone has. Why bother with that when you can shout, threaten and intimidate your way to the top.




INGRAHAM: The worst is how Democrats try to market racial guilt, like it’s a product that anyone wants to buy.


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: The more you kind of dive into that, the more I’m really realizing how deeply rooted racism is until, like, my everyday thought process.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: A living embody anti-racist culture does not exist among white people. White people got to start getting together, specifically around race.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: White accountability groups are really helpful.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: There’s a period of deep shame for being white.


INGRAHAM: Now, not so long ago, our youth had real examples of courage and intelligence to emulate. They were taught about them in schools. But how many high school grads really know what made Florence Nightingale and Harriet Beecher Stowe great? Or why Dietrich Bonhoeffer was heroic? But they all know who these geniuses are. Yes.

This bombardment is so unhealthy. The last kids – thing kids need or should be obsessing over is politics. They don’t know anything yet. They need a grounding in the basics and understanding of the fundamentals of Western civilization. They could make up their own mind after that.

But none of this concerns the Democrats or what their donors in Silicon Valley want. Because Big Tech, they love to get kids hooked as early as possible, on screens, on keyboards, on games and social media, where they learn that the freakier and angrier you are, the better, as long as you don’t waver from the far-left orthodoxy.


GRETA THUNBERG, ENVIRONMENTAL ACTIVIST: How long do you think you can continue to ignore the climate crisis, the global aspect of equity and historic emissions without being held accountable? Sooner or later, people are going to realize what do you have been doing all this time? That’s inevitable.


INGRAHAM: This is what the left, what the Democrats have done to childhood. No more time to be innocent, no more space to make mistakes without being canceled, no more freedom to just be a kid. Just fear. What Democrats and their Marxist socialist allies are doing is utterly predictable.

Now, I told you the first month of the shutdown back in March of 2020, I got a lot of grief for it, that the New World Order crowd would use COVID to smash the old normal forever. They got rid of Trump. And now they want get want to get rid of you and steal the joy that your children deserve.

History is repeating itself again. This is always where socialism ultimately leads, to misery and control. The socialists will always give special treatment to their friends and their cronies. It’s all just a protection racket in the end.

But in this society, everyone else will eventually be put up against a wall. It turns out, the old Obama-Biden hope and change message was a lie. It was all just socialism for beginners. The appetizer for the main course, our kids, are now being forced fed. But when Americans finally get their say, it’s the Democrats themselves who will have a real reason to fear and that’s THE ANGLE.

Now, when they’re not abusing our kids’ innocence, Democrats are using them as COVID props. Now, I’m sure you’ve seen and heard a lot about this in the news lately.


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: We keep hearing more kids are ending up in the hospital. It’s more transmissible.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: What they’re seeing among kids is unprecedented.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: The Delta variant is surging. Pediatric hospitalizations are on the rise.

JOHN BERMAN, CNN HOST: Kids sick with COVID are filling up children’s hospitals in areas of the country that are seeing these spikes.


INGRAHAM: But is this really the whole picture? Turns out there’s also been a huge spike in the number of very young children admitted for the common and sometimes deadly RSV virus. So much so that doctors across the country are sounding the alarm. We reached out to a number of them. But they couldn’t appear without permission from their hospitals, which not surprisingly, was not granted.

Now, Phil Kerpen, President of the Committee to Unleash Prosperity has been following trends like this throughout the pandemic. He joins us now. Phil, explain what you’ve come across with the pediatric admissions to hospitals, and the surge in the RSV?

PHIL KERPEN, MITTEE TO UNLEASH PROSPERITY: Well, Laura, we’ve got a pretty interesting situation. We are unique in the world. We are the only country in the world that is in a panic over children and COVID right now to the extent that experts internationally are puzzled as to why this is happening in the U.S. when COVID has taken over every western country.

One of the top experts in the world, in fact, Alistair Monroe said he didn’t understand why this panic was going on in the U.S. and only the U.S. The RSV wave is pretty much global. We’ve seen a huge – we sort of skipped the RSV season in the winter and we’re now getting hit by it full force.

But the U.S. seems to be the only country where the fact that children’s hospitals are full is being used as an excuse to scare people about COVID, instead of explaining that they’re overwhelmingly full with RSV patients. So that dishonesty seems to be unique to the United States right now.

INGRAHAM: Now, with an increase in RSV around the country, some, Phil, thought there could be a link with the rise in hospitalized pediatric COVID cases. The Houston Chronicle reported this today saying, “Texas Children’s identified 25 cases and counting of children with both RSV and COVID at all three of its campuses. More than half of those children have been hospitalized.”

Phil, again, we’re not – we don’t – we’re not being told whether the kids are being admitted sick with RSV, which again, it seems like that’s the case, because the transparency doesn’t really feed the panic that I think, sadly, some in our society want to keep going.

KERPEN: Yes. Look, one of the things we know about pediatric hospitalizations with COVID and we’ve had multiple studies that have found this now over and over in multiple countries, a lot of them are incidental, which is to say children are there for some other reason, they broke a leg, whatever it is, we now test everyone who goes in the hospitals. They happen to test positive, they were asymptomatic. It was not the reason they were there. But it goes on the medical record, and it goes into the statistics that everyone sees.

Now, it’s – you can look at that and studies after the fact and kind of separate it. But it’s much, much harder when they’re in there for a respiratory virus and they have a coinfection that’s never going to be separated out in this study, because how could you determine which virus is the reason they’re there. But for children under five, based on everything we know about the respective viruses, the pathogenicity in these coinfected cases is almost definitely from the RSV.

And there was an AAP study last year finding that 50 percent of pediatric COVID hospitalizations had coinfections with other common viruses. And so, I think it’s almost certain that the – a very large number of the hospitalizations that are now being reported are RSV coinfections.

And in fact, Laura, they may not even be that, they may be COVID negative RSV infections, because a lot of these articles are written in, sort of, crafty ways to make it seem like the children’s hospitals are overflowing with COVID. But really they’re overflowing with RSV.

INGRAHAM: Well, and a lot of the pediatric specialists quoted and these many articles about RSV say that because the kids were kept out of the general population for the last 18 months in many cases, that also affected their immune systems, or immune responses, and that could have had the delaying effect of the RSV cases now flooding the hospitals.

So there’s a lot to unpack there. But as usual, the top line doesn’t tell the whole story on this. Phil, thank you for looking into this. We appreciate it.

And speaking of damaging our kids, even after parents voiced their concern over the last two days, the Loudoun County Virginia School Board just announced moments ago, they will allow transgender students access to school facilities in groups, such as sports teams that match their gender identities. This all comes just days after the American Academy of Pediatrics affirmed its support for adolescents to undergo gender transition, and for children to take hormones that block puberty and then blocked any dissenting view from appearing at that annual conference.

Here now is Walt Heyer. His grandmother dressed him has a girl starting at age four. He transitioned at age 42, but has since detransitioned writing a book Trans Life Survivors. Walt, your reaction to what the school board tonight in Northern Virginia, kind of, ground zero of these culture wars and the American Academy of Pediatrics are doing.

WALT HEYER, “TRANS LIFE SURVIVORS” AUTHOR: Yes, this is insane. It’s child abuse, and that the hormone blockers, the surgeries, all the things they’re doing to these young children have consequences. And the consequences are they’re going to be destroying these young people’s lives. In fact, recently, I worked with a boy who – his parents helped him get hormone blockers when he was 15. They nurtured and encouraged him to all the way up till he was 18. They allowed him to have all these surgeries when he was 18, and, “transition to female”. He contacted me when he was 19 years old. And he says, I feel like a Frankenstein monster. I want my life back. Walt, can you help me?

I get these messages from people at sex change regret all the time, because the harmful effects, the consequences of what they’re doing to these children is actually barbaric. We shouldn’t be cutting off young girls’ breast, we shouldn’t be giving them hormone blockers that were never intended to be used for people to transition. This is absolutely insane. And I am just totally puzzled as to why more people aren’t standing up and shouting out.

There’s a lot of parents now we’re starting to get words out and stop this nonsense. People do not change genders. Hormones do not change you from a man to a woman. Surgery doesn’t change you from a man to a woman. The only thing you can do is make yourself look like you changed. There are no such thing as people transitioning.

INGRAHAM: The thing that’s really also stunning here is that this is in Northern Virginia. It is a very wealthy suburb, growing suburb. But we have a gubernatorial race going on. It is an off election year and that means Glenn Youngkin is running against Terry McAuliffe. Now, Glenn Youngkin better turn up the heat on his campaign. OK. Because this is the kind of thing that unites a lot of people on the left and a lot of people on the right. These are kids.

And now girl – female athletes are going to have to share locker rooms, I believe, from what this vote was tonight with biological males. And everyone’s supposed to stand up and applaud. Isn’t this great? Isn’t this great? Walt, really quick response.

HEYER: Yes. Time to take your kids out of public schools. They’ve become an LGBT indoctrination center. They’re destroying families, they’re destroying our kids. And we should stand up against it and fight it every tooth and nail we can. Don’t allow them to do this to their children.

INGRAHAM: These are kids. People want to do what they want to do when they’re adults. These are kids. Let them be kids. Walt, thank you.

HEYER: Absolutely.

INGRAHAM: And Biden’s Build Back Better remarks today were a chock full of, oh, fun it is lies. Tom Bevan is here on Biden’s declining numbers what that really means. Plus, a disturbing new Hunter Biden video, you may have seen it. Victor Davis Hanson is here on that ahead.


INGRAHAM: Now, President Joe Biden delivered remarks at a Build Back Better event earlier today. Now, the speech was riddled with lies that will go unchecked by the media, but are worth documenting here as the economy slides back to the 1970s.

Line number one. Biden says the inflation report is good news for America.


JOE BIDEN, PRESIDENT, UNITED STATES OF AMERICA: Today, I’m pleased to share more good news to the American people. The latest report on consumer price shows – prices show that we’ve expanded some easing – excuse me, the expected easing we thought was going to come has increased that we are – we’ve seen a good monthly report.


INGRAHAM: OK. Well, reality, inflation isn’t just up 5.4 percent annually, the specific sectors hurt Americans. Well, since last year, gas prices are up 41.8 percent; used cars up 41.7 percent; food prices up 5.4 percent; and electricity up 4 percent, further average hourly wages. They’re not tracking with these price increases. They’re only up 4 percent from a year ago, meaning the 5.4 percent inflation increase completely wipes out any wage gain.

Lie number two. He’s not standing in the way of oil price decreases.


BIDEN: I want to make sure that nothing stands in the way of oil price declines, leading to lower prices for consumers. We’re also made clear to OPEC that the production cuts made during the pandemic should be reversed as the global economic – there as the global economy recovers, in order to lower the prices for consumers.


INGRAHAM: Reality. Well, Biden stood in the way of oil price decreases, starting on day one of his presidency when he killed the Keystone Pipeline. All the regulations are putting on drilling, suspending drilling leases on federal lands. And now he’s been forced to plead with OPEC. How embarrassing! Please boost oil production since gas prices are starting to hurt me politically.

Lie number three. Biden says he bought an economy – brought an economy back from, well, basically it was dead.


BIDEN: We brought this economy back from a cold start. And there is going to be – there are going to be some ups and downs. We need to make this economy work better for working families in the long run. These challenges are with us long before the pandemic and before I took office.


INGRAHAM: OK. Here’s the reality. Unemployment peaked at 14.8 percent in April of 2020. Economists thought it was going to stay high for a long time. But what happened? Trump in the red states reopened the economy causing unemployment to plunge down to 6.3 percent in January when Trump left office.

But under Biden, unemployment has only fallen 0.9 points. And before the pandemic, median household income, remember, it went up $ 5,000 during Trump’s presidency, and unemployment was at historic lows. Joe, you may be fooling the rest of the press, but not THE ANGLE.

Now, it’s easy to understand why Biden has to resort to the shameless lies when you look at his latest poll numbers. For the first time, Biden’s job approval rating has fallen to 50 percent on the RealClearPolitics average of polls. And his disapproval keeps climbing up, breaking through 45 percent this week.

Here to analyze what this means is Tom Bevan, President and co-founder of RealClearPolitics. Tom, given today’s inflation numbers, it appears that the runaway spending Joe Manchin said it’s irresponsible, what we’re seeing with the $ 3.5 trillion proposed agreed to in the Senate, the framework. How to Republicans capitalize on this for the midterms?

TOM BEVAN, REALCLEARPOLITICS CO-FOUNDER: Oh, well, Republicans are already mobilizing to use inflation as one of the main weapons and the Fox News poll that just came out earlier tonight shows that it is now among the top concerns along with the pandemic, but inflation and the rising prices that we see, you mentioned, particularly, the categories that are sort of those kitchen table issues, right. Food, gas, that hit people – they see it in their pocketbooks on a daily basis. That’s going to form the backbone and the basis for Republican attacks leading into the 2022 midterms.

And it was interesting that Biden really tried to address those, as you mentioned, almost like he was speaking specifically to Joe Manchin, because Joe Manchin, obviously, released his statement saying he’s concerned about inflation and putting another $ 3.5 trillion dollars in spending on tap is not the way to curb inflation. It’s a way to put more gas on the fire.

INGRAHAM: Now, as you said, just to put these numbers up on the screen, Tom, the Fox poll about the concern for inflation, 86 percent of Americans are worried about inflation. That is – I mean, I wonder he went on to talk. And it also revealed other concerns. His job performance on the economy, 49 percent disapprove, 47 percent approve. More than anything else you’ve seen, Tom, in the polling, is that not significant, only seven months in, almost eight months into Biden’s administration?

BEVAN: Right. Because economy is usually – always a top concern of voters. And it’s an issue that motivates voters and sends them to the polls more so than any other issue. Inflation is going to be concerned.

Another one that’s on that list, Laura, that is becoming a problem for the Biden administration is crime. And to the extent that crime exists not just in the cities, but spills over and becomes an issue in the suburbs, which is a place where Republicans are looking to regain some of the ground that they lost last cycle. That could be a potent issue for the GOP as well.

INGRAHAM: And the border, how important?

BEVAN: The border – I mean, it’s a big issue for Republican voters, in general. And Biden’s approval rating on that is the worst out of any of the issues that we track. He’s down in the 30s, mid 30s on the issue and it’s been a problem right from the beginning. So it will motivate Republicans in the midterms. And again, that’s – when it comes to turnout, could be significant.

INGRAHAM: Yes. And independence, I believe, as well. Tom, these are fascinating numbers. Thank you so much.

And by now you’ve seen that leaked Hunter Biden video, but I want to isolate the most important moment.


HUNTER BIDEN, CO-FOUNDER, ROSEMONT SENECA PARTNERS: I think he’s the one that stole my computer. I think the three of them, the three guys.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: How long ago did this happen?


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: So it would have been out already if they —

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: No, no, no, because my dad — running for president. He is, he is, he is. He also knows I make like a gazillion dollars.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: They’d try to blackmail you?

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Yes. In some way, yes.


INGRAHAM: OK, this is unbelievable. This is the third laptop floating out there that certainly poses a hypothetical if not an actual national security risk. We have no idea, because, well, the press isn’t really covering it.

Joining me now, Victor Davis Hanson, Hoover Institution senior fellow. Victor, people are focusing on the lurid nature of this tape and what his tattoo is and all of that. But aren’t there real national security implications involved here? And if so, where is Congress?

VICTOR DAVIS HANSON, HOOVER INSTITUTE SENIOR FELLOW: Yes, this wasn’t what people have alleged, Russian disinformation. This was either sloppiness or a drug intoxication where he, in one case, two cases, maybe three cases, he allowed people from foreign governments to have access to most intimate exchanges, emails from his whole family, including vice president and now President Biden. I don’t think we’ve ever had anything like that.

And it’s very ironic because the media is quiet, Laura, and this is a media that took two years to convince us of a nonexistent Russian collusion hoax. So we know they are interested in Russians, but they’re not interested in this security leak.

And finally, don’t you think it’s kind of strange that Hunter Biden is well beyond Billy Carter or Roger Clinton, and all of these email transmissions, he keeps complaining about that big guy, Mr. 10 Percent. Nobody appreciates what I’ve done. And so after all of these embarrassing things, he starts up his art phony scam, where with no talent he’s trying to peddle $ 200,000, $ 300,000, $ 400,000 and $ 500,000 paintings to, quote-unquote, anonymous buyers. It’s almost as if he is saying to his family, I’m going to keep on doing this because I was never appreciated for the sordid bag money work I had to do to subsidize these lavish lifestyles that you guys didn’t earn on your salaries. And if you keep pressing me, I’m going to pull this whole temple down on top of us, because what else could explain this serial pattern of recklessness?

INGRAHAM: Yes, and Victor, he also says, he also says, well, they know I make a gazillion dollars. Now, could he have been bragging to the prostitute? I guess, but he was making a lot of money. For doing what? What was his talent? I guess that’s not a good question to ask given that video, but what was his talent, his professional talent to make gazillions of dollars? When his father was vice president, it’s just — I want to remind everybody about what the media was saying —

HANSON: And where did the gazillion —

INGRAHAM: Yes, let me just play this about Hunter Biden’s laptops, what the media was saying before the election, Victor. Watch.


ABBY PHILLIP, CNN ANCHOR: These allegations that are being pushed by the president and his allies about Biden’s son, Hunter Biden.

BRIAN WILLIAMS, MSNBC ANCHOR: Biden’s strategy with these new attacks against his son, Hunter, he has chosen largely not to engage.

SHANNON PETTYPIECE, NBC NEWS DIGITAL SENIOR WHITE HOUSE REPORTER: They want to use it as a way to attack Joe Biden and Hunter Biden, and elevate this story they have been trying to push about Hunter Biden.


INGRAHAM: Victor, quickly, take it away here.

HANSON: Well, that’s following the same narrative, isn’t it, of the Cuomo story? Cuomo is the greatest thing since sliced bread, the right is trying to smear him, it’s not true. And then he implodes. And I think the same thing is going to happen to Hunter. Lie, lie, lie, it all a rightwing plot, and then one day it’s going to get so outrageous that the media is going to be embarrassed by their obsequiousness and their toadiness, and then they’re going to say, we never said that. He was always trouble. Let’s get rid of him. And so that’s what I think will happen. But we have seen this script before, Laura. We always see it.

INGRAHAM: Victor, thank you. Great to see you tonight.

And Fauci’s cringeworthy TikTok vaccine efforts and Biden’s bumpy return from vacation. Raymond Arroyo is back and he explains it. “Seen and Unseen” next.


INGRAHAM: It’s time for our “Seen and Unseen” segment where we reveal the stories behind the headlines. And for that we turn to FOX News contributor Raymond Arroyo. Raymond, Biden is out making the case for — well, I guess it’s more spending and vaccines.

RAYMOND ARROYO, FOX NEWS CONTRIBUTOR: He is, Laura. And he’s doing it in unorthodox ways. Clearly the Biden White House is trying to find someone other than Biden to push their agenda. As his return from Delaware the other day illustrates, even when directed by the Secret Service, Laura, the president has a hard time finding his way. Like the mystery of Hunter Biden’s multiple laptops, no one questions this behavior, or even has any interest in showing it. The man is wandering around, he can’t find the door, he can’t find the path.

But clearly the DNC understands what time it is. They are launching a new “Build Back Better” bus tour. It’s hitting 10 states without Biden. Surrogates like Terry McAuliffe will give Democrats credit for the infrastructure bill and attack Republicans. This reminds me of the Stevie Nicks tour. It’s announced, but she’s not coming. Neither is Joe Biden.

And if you’re wondering why he’s not appearing on his own bus tour, well, this is the president celebrating infrastructure spending today with governors.


JOE BIDEN, (D) PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES: You know, I think sort of breaking through this first big barrier in a bipartisan way, I really believe that it doesn’t make everything easy, but it does have a way — it has an effect on other things, the highways that are being repaired. Or build, and, you know, that means for Michigan, if I’m looking at my notes here, thank you, Jennifer, for what you’ve done and continue to do.


ARROYO: The problem is he wasn’t talking to Jennifer. He was talking to Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer. He thought he mentioned Granholm, his energy secretary. But, you know, uh, checking my notes, Laura, uh, it happens.

INGRAHAM: It happens. It’s easy to get all those women from the old rustbelt mixed up. I’m not going to hold Biden to that.

Raymond, did anyone cover his interesting walk from the helicopter, the car, to the path —

ARROYO: The weave of shame? You’ve heard of the walk of shame. This is the weave of shame. Secret Service is trying to cut him off. It’s like that old Mr. Toad movie, you never know quite where he’s going to turn or what house he’s going to demolish. But life at the Biden White House, Laura, it’s not all bus and Zoom tours. They are now turning to pop and social media influences to do what Biden cannot.

Enter TikToker Benny Drama playing the role of Cooper the intern at the actual White House, with a very familiar supporting cast.


BENNY DRAMA: Hi, my name is Cooper, and this is a day in my life as a White House intern.

We did a joke. Hey, everyone.

Is Olivia Roderigo still here?


JEN PSAKI, WHITE HOUSE PRESS SECRETARY: We’ve come a long way in our fight against this virus. We’ve vaccinated 160 million Americans. Are you getting this all down?

DRAMA: Don’t worry, queen. It’s all right here.


ARROYO: Laura, can you believe this? This guy’s appeal is to 12-year-olds and younger, people who cannot even get the vaccine. I don’t know why we are worried about vaccine hesitancy among people who can’t get it, or, I don’t know, maybe the gender fluid community is having difficulty with vaccines. But I don’t know who this guy appeals to or why the White House would allow him in.

INGRAHAM: I have a question, was he that kid in “Blue’s Clues” that my kids used to watch? Who is he?


ARROYO: No, he is not. He’s a TikToker. He’s a kid who just got on social media. Anyway, you remember, Obama did this, Laura.

INGRAHAM: Good for him. But when you said the thing about the intern, I was thinking to myself, is he going to show up in one of those red berets? Really, that would have made it really kind of a double entendre wrapped up in a conundrum. What else?

ARROYO: You remember back in 2015, Obama did the same thing when he was interviewed by social media influencers.

INGRAHAM: I remember.

ARROYO: Including some woman who ate Froot Loops out of her bathtub. But I guess now the Bidens have just dispensed with the bathtub and the woman. So there we have it.

INGRAHAM: Not to be undone, Dr. Fauci, he is doing the TikTok rounds, Raymond, as well. In fact, he’s doing weekly interviews to push vaccines on Gen Z, Ray.

ARROYO: Again, the audience these people influence are children. The CDC has not approved vaccines for them. Here he is trying to get a young singer to debunk vaccine misinformation.


DR. ANTHONY FAUCI, WHITE HOUSE CHIEF MEDICAL ADVISER: Will I become magnetic if? Do you put a chip in me so I can follow you around? That kind of stuff. You can’t use your TikTok medium to debunk that nonsense.

The benefit of the vaccine overwhelmingly outstrips any of the theoretical risks of something bad happening to you.


ARROYO: Well, what about myocarditis, heart inflammation in young men? That’s a concern here. But I love Fauci, Laura. We’ve got to use this Tic Tac medium to break up the misinformation. He’s unbelievable.

INGRAHAM: I think they’re going to fully approve the 12 and up, I think, sooner than you think.

ARROYO: No, Fetus to 12 will be the next approval group.

INGRAHAM: Soon, soon. In utero, in utero, the baby that has to get — Raymond, great to see you.

ARROYO: God help us.


INGRAHAM: All right, what if I told you that the company most synonymous with wealth and prestige was teaching its employees that capitalism is fundamentally racist. Well, Chris Rufo has his hands on some whistleblower docs. He’s going to tell you what that company is called, next.


INGRAHAM: OK, if you thought it was just schools that are forcing Critical Race Theory on us, no, no, no. Major corporations have joined in on the game. An investigation by my next guest found that none other than American Express created an antiracism initiative, complete with instructions for white people, “identify the privileges or advantages you have,” and “don’t speak of are members of the Black and African-American community.” They even hired the Nation of Islam founder’s great grandson to call the company racist to its face.

Joining me now is Chris Rufo, senior fellow at the Manhattan Institute, contributing editor at “City Journal.” Chris, tell us what else you have your hands on.

CHRIS RUFO, MANHATTAN INSTITUTE SENIOR FELLOW: Yes, this is the first of 10 reports over the next 10 weeks. I’m going to be exposing 10 of the Fortune 100 companies that have adopted Critical Race Theory in the workplace. As you said, it’s not just in K through 12 schools. It’s now in corporate offices. They are ripping these employees apart. They are designating them oppressor and oppressed based on their skin color, their sexuality, their religion, their nation of origin. And then they are using this divisive ideology to mask, in many cases, their bad behavior. I’m going to expose it. American Express is first, and there’s going to be many more to come.

INGRAHAM: I remember the old commercial, Chris, don’t leave home without it. Like, don’t leave home without Ibram Kendi, or without self-loathing.

And what I don’t understand is how is this creating a more harmonious workplace where people — sometimes people have give-and-takes. You should be in our staff meetings. People are always talking over each other. That’s what people do when they are collaborating. So it seems like people are going to be less willing to share ideas and have that kind of boisterous give and take. That is kind of what makes everything fun, isn’t it?

RUFO: Yes, that actually is exactly what is happening. I’ve talked to a number of sources in many companies around the country. They are all telling me that this — once Critical Race Theory training programs enter the workplace, people become scared, they become paranoid, they become hostile, they become divided. They are constantly worrying about this elaborate new antiracist etiquette, what you can say, what you can’t say.

And in this American Express training, they explicitly told white employees that they can’t even say we are all human. And if they say this they are going to be considered racist micro-aggressors against African-Americans.


RUFO: That’s exactly what they say. It sounds absurd. You also can’t say at American Express anyone who works hard in this country can become successful. That is also seen by the company as a racist micro-aggression. And so on and so forth.

INGRAHAM: this is what I said in THE ANGLE. This is the whole point I started off the show with is that these people hate the idea of merit and hard work and using your God-given talents, wherever they take you. They have to drive fear in the workplace, just like they have to drive fear in the classroom.

And by the way, Chris, the employee training manual you got your hands on, they also brought in this radical activist, Khalil Muhammad. He had something to say about the countries policing system just a few months ago. Watch.


KHALIL MUHAMMAD, PROFESSOR OF RACE, HISTORY, AND PUBLIC POLICY: We have a system that began in the context of slavery and control, and remains, in its deepest roots, that same system.

We are nowhere near where we need to be in order to expect that black lives will not continue to be cut short by everything we’ve seen so far.


INGRAHAM: Chris, last time I checked, America’s credit card companies weren’t in charge of fixing our, quote, racist police system. But maybe I was wrong.

RUFO: Well, yes, they aren’t. But American Express in the training programs and the documents that I’ve obtained actually asks their employees to listen to a podcast about police abolition. So they are kind of tacitly endorsing abolishing the police altogether. It’s all absurd, it’s all fake, it’s all bogus, it’s all a performance. Our elites of all our different institutions have adopted Critical Race Theory to absolve their sense of guilt while they go and make billions of dollars in profits off the backs of the average American.

INGRAHAM: Chris, it’s a shock, but sadly it’s not surprising. Chris, thank you.

And the media plants a wet kiss on Cuomo. The Last Bite next.



DANA JACOBSON, CBS ANCHOR: When you look at the governor’s legacy now, and it is tied to this. It is also the things that he did. How will people remember his time in office?

ED O’KEEFE, CBS NEWS SENIOR WHITE HOUSE AND POLITICAL CORRESPONDENT: Well, there were a lot of things — obviously the pandemic. You talk to people in Albany or across the state, they say he did a masterful job of keeping the state safe and dealing with the situation and serving as a tonic to many people compared to the federal response.


INGRAHAM: A tonic? Ed, get our room. That’s embarrassing, second worst death rate in the country.

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