Ingraham: Anthony Fauci anointed himself as 'some kind of deity' while killing science

Ingraham explained that President Biden’s chief medical adviser, when questioned, “cavalierly brushes aside the questionand labels critics as beingpolitically motivated.” “Adesso, when I questioned Fauci back in February of 2020 di Cina lack of transparency, he gave me answers that made no sense,” lei disse. “Unless of course, he was interested in covering up for the CCP.


Fauci has come under fire recently over his minimization of China’s role in the origins of COVID-19 after BuzzFeed obtained and released emails from the NIAID director that give fresh insight into his early handling of the pandemic as well as his response to the possibility that COVID-19 was a product of a disastrous lab-leak incident in Wuhan.

Ingraham claimed that Faucireally does think he some kind of deity,” and his pandemic ‘preening’ isjust the latest in a long line of outlandish deflections.She went on to rip the media for their absentpushbackagainst Fauci amid his resistance toscientific norms.” “I think Fauci was able to glide by with very little pushback from his media boosters,” lei disse. “Who themselves secretly hope that COVID would kill Trump’s chances last November.

“Ma ora, Fauci’s act is wearing thin, and we see time and again that it was he and his like-minded experts who were routinely acting against basic scientific norms,” Ingraham emphasized.

Over the past 16 mesi, ‘The Angle’ has showcased some of the brightest minds in science and medicine who’ve weighed in with meticulous precision on how best to balance health concerns that were presented by this virus against the broader economic, educational and social needs of our citizens.Ingraham concluded thatit’s long since past timefor Faucito turn in his lab coat.

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