Ingraham: Biden administration can't govern a nation they hate, they can only occupy it

Il “Angolo di Ingraham” host referred to sentiment she has espoused during the first seven months of the Biden presidency: “You can’t govern a country you essentially hate. You can only occupy it, rule over it,” lei disse. “When Biden announced a federal vaccino mandate yesterday, his intention was not to promote more trust or to appeal to our patriotic spirit. This wasn’t about COVID, following the science, or implementing sound policy.

Ingraham also ripped into the administration for politicizing the pandemia and for targeting red-state Republican leaders.

The White House fight is not against COVID, but against the inevitable collapse of Biden’s presidency,” lei disse. “He’s drowning in bad poll numbers and Democrats are bracing for a bloodbath in the mid-terms. Biden’s angry, creepy speech was designed to do one thing — pick a fight with Republican governors in a lame attempt to turn his presidency around and change the topic from weeks of humiliation in Afghanistan.

Il media’s touting of Biden’s new vaccine mandates also drew the ire of the Fox News host. Ingraham called Biden’s media cheerleaders “malato” ma “gleeful because Biden is about to make life miserable for millions of Americans.” Ha continuato, “They hate you, they hate what you stand for and they really hate the fact you won’t just shut up and obey.

Ingraham turned to the media’s new obsession over a rally being held in Washington, D.C. a settembre 18 and how despite any mainstream conservative backing, the media are treating it like anopen rebellion led by highly trained revolutionaries.

The left’s true goal in hyping the upcoming demonstration as some sort of terror plot,” Ingraham mantenuto, “Is to delegitimize all conservative events. Real conservative events.

They want you too afraid to show up in support of your favorite candidates going into 2022 — they want you cowed, intimidated, and demoralized.

Democratici, Ingraham ha detto, don’t want Americans to be happy and free—rather, they prefer U.S. cittadini “miserable and afraid,” thus the Party controls power.

They want to strip you of your independence so that you can be dependent on the government,” Ingraham ha detto in chiusura. “I sure as hell am not going to give in. I’m going to keep fighting to save this country—all that is great about itthe question is, will you?”

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