Ingraham: Biden and Fauci are quintessential Washington swamp creatures

Ingraham juxtaposed Biden and Fauci to former President Donald Trump, who she said didn’t come from the D.C. muck. 

“In every way, Trump and his cabinet were the antitheses of the ‘Swamp Twins.’ Most were newcomers who didn’t want to work the old system – they wanted to blow it up – figuratively – because they knew it wasn’t serving the American people.” 

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With Trump out of office, Ingraham said, “the ‘Swamp Twins’ are back in charge … [and] they have used this pandemic to terrorize and control the population – while wasting billions in federal funds.”

“There is only one quarantine I am anticipating: the permanent quarantining of these two,” she said. 

Ingraham accused the “corrupt U.S. media,” for ignoring Biden’s “deficiencies,” including his “declining mental acuity.” She also stated, “Because both [Fauci and Biden] are politically liberal … neither has ever been held accountable by the press.”


On Sunday, Fauci told Fox News’ Chris Wallace that people who “have conspiracy theories and “deny [the] reality that’s looking them straight in the eye” are the kind of people who don’t like him.

Ingraham scoffed at Fauci for believing he is “beyond reproach.” 


“Fauci has been protected by the beltway media for so long that he equates their approval with that of the American people,” Ingraham said. “Fauci lost credibility with the public long ago not because people dislike him personally, not because they’re rightwing nutjobs, but because he regularly swims in a sea of contradictions – from the use of masks to the danger of COVID in children, to football games becoming super-spreader events.”

Americans’ distrust for Fauci goes way back to the AIDS crisis in the 80s, according to Ingraham, when the doctor headed the National Institutes of Allergy and Infectious Diseases and the government’s AIDS research program. 

“In 1987, he says he was approached by a leading AIDS activist to consider promoting the drug Bactrim for use as a preventative medication for those at risk of contracting PCP, a [type of] pneumonia that killed many AIDS patients,” Ingraham said.

Bactrim is currently used for the treatment of PCP, in addition to other medications, and is used preventatively against PCP when a measurement for the severity of AIDS reaches a certain threshold. 

“Despite the pleas from physicians, such as Dr. Joseph Sonnabend, who was successfully using Bactrim in AIDS patients, Fauci declined to act, citing the need for clinical trials. He was focused on the AIDS vaccine, which of course never materialized,” Ingraham said. 

Sonnabend went on to accuse Fauci of underutilizing a drug that could have saved thousands of people. 

“Fast forward to the COVID era, it’s the same Tony Fauci,” Ingraham said. “He dismissed promising therapeutics like Ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine, despite pleas from the doctors who had used them successfully on thousands of patients. The feckless fools at the FDA followed suit.”

“How many lives could have been saved?” Ingraham asked. 

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