Ingraham: Biden and the Democrats are 'BLM'ifying the border', Sharpton이 Del Rio에서 외쳤듯이

바이든 대통령 approval ratings cratering more than 20 백분율 포인트 60 일, 백악관은 이제 여러 문제에 직면해 있습니다. “스스로 만들어낸 폭풍,” 호스트가 말했다.

“20 년 이상, a small group of us warned Republicans about doing any immigration deal with a Democrat Party that doesn’t believe in border enforcementheck, they don’t really believe in borders at all. We were called xenophobic and anti-immigrant … But we were right. There is no way to see the footage from Del Rio as anything but clear evidence that the Democrat Party has completely surrendered to the open borders lobby,” 그녀가 말했다.

Under Biden our border is one giant migrant campsiteit’s filthy and squalid with hundreds more are arriving every day. 그만큼 [AP 통신] spilled the beans that few are being returned to their own country. Haitians have been freed on a very, very large scale. One official … put the figure in the thousands.

하나, that inordinate lack of enforcement from Biden and his border chief, 알레한드로 마요르카 스, still isn’t enough for the far-left Democrats who one year ago latched onto the Black Lives Matter movement, Ingraham은 말했다, remarking on the lawlessness America witnessed in places like Philadelphia, 뉴욕, Chicago and Atlanta as BLM caused mayhem in Summer 2020.

They want more lawlessness and they want less border security and they want immediate resettlement into the U.S. of anyone who sets foot on our soil,” 그녀가 말했다. “그러므로, they reach for their favorite security blanket which is race.

She pointed to remarks by Boston’s congresswoman, 대표. 아야나 프레슬리, who declared in public comments thatHaitian lives are Black lives [과] if we truly believe that Black Lives Matter, we must reverse course; the Biden administration must halt all deportation of Haitian migrants.

Ingraham characterized the Boston Democrat’s comments as proclaimingskin color should trump immigration law.

Does that mean any Black or Brown-skinned person should be sent to the front of the line for legal immigration processes too? They bet I would say yes,” 그녀가 말했다, adding that another longtime member of the hard left, Harlem, N.Y.-based civil rights activist Al Sharpton Jr. later appeared near the ramshackle migrant camp under the Acuna International Bridge.

Sharpton, 하나, was unable to proceed even a few minutes into his remarks before being heckled into silence by the locals.

The host noted that, in contrast to the platform voiced by Pressley and Sharpton, most border agents in the region are people of color:

The majority of the border agents are Hispanic. They have been using horses at the border for decades. Sharpton’s presence and the 분대 squawking is a gift to Joe Biden. It’s an opportunity for him to tack to the middle. But he squandered it. Biden had the chance to distance himself from the open-borders radicals in his party. He had a chance to stand up for the rule of law in American sovereignty. 대신, he hid from the press and sent Jen Psaki out to embarrass herself once again.

Psaki told reporters border agents can no longer utilize horses in the rough border region terrain any longer.

Later in her monologue, she noted that Biden’s political capital has been so weakened that it may be one of the factors affecting the Virginia governor’s race.

The Old Dominion was long a reliable Republican stronghold but has not had a GOP governor since 2014 in Bob McDonnell, nor Republican senators since Sens. George Allen and John Warner in the late aughts.

new poll 의 “유권자” from the University of Mary Washington in Fredericksburg placed longtime Clinton confidant former Gov. Terry McAuliffe – running again for the Democratic nomination after four years out of office — 5 points behind political newcomer Glenn Youngkin, R-Falls Church.

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By refusing to change course Biden looks limp and weakand fanatical at the same time, if that’s possible. The political fallout is so dire it’s even spilling over into the Virginia’s governor race right now – and yet they keep hitting the accelerator.

“이, 내 친구들, is the definition of insanity.

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