Ingraham: Biden, Democrats going the way of the 'Dow' in last 48 horas

LAURA INGRAHAM: Solo en el pasado 48 horas, las perspectivas de Joe Biden, los demócratas, han seguido el camino del Dow. They’ve plummeted because of multiple setbacks. Primero, and the stock market is an indicator of this, we’re riding toward recession on the wave of spending that we couldn’t afford and we didn’t need — COVID, en infraestructura, on climate, on bailouts. And with $ 40 billion more soon slated to go out the window to Ukraine. This is a total and complete travesty. Y por cierto, the recession, the inflation — it was preventable, but now it’s too late. mientras tanto, mothers are still struggling to find baby food. Basic nutrition for their infants. Ahora, when Biden said he would have the most diverse Cabinet in history, we didn’t realize that also meant turning America into the Third World. Which brings us to setback number two. Beyond the dismal economy, the Biden team’s disinformation board and their misinformation. Who ran it? They’re kaput.

Presidente Biden. REUTERS / Evelyn Hockstein

Presidente Biden. REUTERS / Evelyn Hockstein (REUTERS / Evelyn Hockstein)


As his party’s prospects become bleaker as the weeks wear on, Demócratas, Biden’s Democrats — I expect them to escalate things. It’s going to get a lot uglier. You’re going to have more racial recriminations, aggressive protests, demands for more mail-in ballots and drop boxes, Oh, sí. Just you watch. But as we saw with the massive GOP turnout in the primary so far, the momentum is with the conservatives. Americans know they cannot afford any more of this epic failure.




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