Ingraham: Biden goes 'Full Sharpton' -- 'Lying' about border patrol, boosting IRS to surveil average Americans

Biden said Friday that people were beingstrappedby mounted Border Patrol agents, promising the agentswill paydespite evidence the agents were acting in line with their duties and also using reins as commonplace in Western riding, and not bullwhips.

So much for Biden tacking to the middle to unite the country and save his presidency,” Ingraham dijo. “los amiable old man who ran for president with a pledge to bring us together has decided that moving hard left is his only option. And we know what the hard left thinks of law enforcement.

Whether it’s cops on the beat in a dangerous urban area, or Border Patrol in Texas trying to deter crossings by illegal immigrants, the radicals running the Democratic Party will cry racism whenever they believe it helps them politically.

Ingraham said Biden has now thrown his lot in with the rest of the far left, adding that the Democrats are again making the same mistake they did a few years ago when they and the mainstream media wrongfully accused a teenaged Catholic school student from northern Kentucky of acting explicitly racist toward a man of Native American descent during the March For Life at the Lincoln Memorial.

It’s incredibly stupid, which is why Kamala Harris was happy to join in,” Ingraham comentó, noting the vice president claimed to be “indignado” by the agents on horseback appearing to use reins to control their characteristically skittish equines.

Yet by mimicking the Al Sharpton race shuffle, Joe and Kamala just make themselves look more petty and less serious,” ella dijo.

It’s all one bigchange the subjectmovefrom the images of migrant squalor in Del Rio to the images of slave-trader border agents. The truth is, Biden is to blame for both…which is why his poll numbers are in a free-fall.

She added that Biden’sfollow the sciencepromise seems to have evolved into strictly following what global Pharma giant Pfizer and NIAID Dr. Anthony Fauci prescribe.

The New York City-based company is one of three manufacturers – along with MassachusettsModerna and New Jersey’s Johnson & Johnson, that have developed vaccination shots.

We bought enough booster shots and states and pharmacies, doctors offices and community health centers have been preparing to get shots in arms, booster shots in arms, for a while,” Biden said earlier this month, in a clip played by the host – to which she remarkedwhatever Fauci and Pfizer want, Fauci and Pfizer get.

And that extends to pressuring the 25 percent of adults who’ve declined the vacuna. Biden thinks he can insult his way to persuasiveness and popularity,” ella añadió, noting Biden has now essentially mandated most Americans get the shot or risk losing their job or being unable to eat or shop.

Ingraham noted that while Biden was issuing ultimatums to Americans, he has yet to require next to anything restrictive to the illegal immigrants flooding into the U.S. from Mexico – where they are not subject to the same vaccine verification procedures as regular Americans.

So spare me the supposed concern about spreading disease and using hospital beds,” ella dijo.

Ingraham added that Biden also announced plans to expand the purview of the Internal Revenue Service to lower- and working-class bank account holders with only a few hundred dollars in their accounts.

Biden announced he willhave to re-hire some IRS agents – not to make people pay something they don’t own – just [a] say hey, step up and pay like everybody else does.


Not only is Biden going full Sharpton on race, and lying about COVID, he’s going Full-Squad on not just the rich, but pretty much anyone with a small bank account,” Ingraham dijo.

What a complete scam—now we knowa key part of Joe’s jobs plan is to grow the number of IRS agents so they can harass hardworking Americans,” ella dijo. “Does that mean Reverend Al will finally pay up?”

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