Ingraham: 바이든 이민 명령에 따르면 새 행정부는 미국이 '무법 뒤에 연합하기를 원합니다.’

Ingraham: Biden immigration order shows new administration wants America 'united behind lawlessness'

The unity 바이든 대통령 outlined in his inaugural address Wednesday is actually a vision of Americaunited behind lawlessness,” Laura Ingraham told viewers Thursday.

In an executive order Biden thought was so important he had to issue it on day one, the administration purports to have the authority to halt all deportations in the U.S., even those that have been fully adjudicated,” 설명 “잉 그라함 각도” 주최자.

This is both profoundly dangerous and profoundly revealing,” 그녀는 덧붙였다. “Dangerous for all the obvious reasons, Biden’s move will cause an explosion in violent crime and COVID. Tens of thousands of migrant criminals and traffickers are already rushing the border right now. They clearly got the amnesty memo.

When Ingraham asked why Biden would sign such an order, she answered her own question.

In part, he’s doing it to satisfy his party’s radical open-border caucus. AOC and the gang are eager to replace native-born Americans and lawful immigrants with foreigners who came here illegally,” 그녀가 말했다. “이, they hope, will hasten the cleansing of the country which they believe is systemically racist. A crush of new illegal immigrants fully programmed by BLM-approved curriculum and far-left influence.

하나, Ingraham added, “the overriding reasonis far more nefarious.

This is about cutting labor costs and giving them more power over workers,” 그녀가 말했다. “This is not about helping Hispanic voters or atoning for American sins, it is about putting money in the pockets of Biden donors.

Later in her monologue, the host posited that Democrats use the termlawlessnessselectively.

They care about law and order when the angry mob sends them scurrying for cover, but when some poor Hispanic-American family is trying to save their son from MS-13Pelosi and the gang, they look the other way,” 그녀가 말했다. “When a landscaper or a construction worker can no longer support his familybecause wages have been driven down due to the flood of illegal workers, Team Biden doesn’t care.

The American people are collateral damage on the road to their open borders nirvana.

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