Ingraham: Biden은 '미국이 영구적으로 정의되고 변경되기를 바랍니다.’ — COVID-19를 사용하여

Ingraham: Biden 'wants America to be permanently defined and changed' -- COVID-19를 사용하여

With just six days to go until Election Day, 조 바이든‘s campaignreeks of surrender,” Laura Ingraham argued Wednesday.

“물론이야, he is talking about COVID,” said theIngraham Anglehost of the Democratic presidential nominee. “Neither the president nor his team has given up on anything. But Biden has. Everything about his presentation and his tone reeks of surrender. It is so bleak. He wants America to be permanently defined and changed and he’s all in for using this Chinese virus to do it.

Ingraham railed against Biden’s proposed approach to managing the 코로나 바이러스 감염병 세계적 유행, particularly his promise of more lockdowns. She warned that under his leadership, 미국. will mimic the “nightmarish” conditions in Europe, where lockdowns are severe and coronavirus cases are exploding.

Is that what we all want?” she asked. “Most Americans probably don’t realize what their lives will become in a Biden-Harris presidency. The media know the Democrat Party will be hurt politically if Joe’s coming shutdowns are widely reported now, thus they only report skewed data to scare grandma and suburban women into supporting Biden.


Biden has staked his campaign on a message ofdoom and gloom,” and Americans are falling for it, Ingraham said.

When Clinton ran in 1992, his campaign theme was, ‘Don’t stop thinking about tomorrow.For Obama, it was all about ‘Hope and change.Beautiful. But for Biden? It’s all doom and gloom, the long dark winter …”

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On Tuesday we will choose a future of prosperity and freedom and happiness or one of decline, despair and lockdowns,” she warned. ” I still think Americans are a lot smarter.

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