Ingraham: Biden's vaccine mandate will wreck economy, 'haunt businesses for years'

“Decisions to force employees off the job are going to haunt businesses for years to come, just as they will haunt Biden and other politicians who insisted on these mandates in the first place,” the host said. “The only people who should be forced out of their jobs because of this pandemic are the officials who kept America in this prolonged state of fear and locked in[to] these mandates.”


Ingraham criticized General Mark Milley and Dr. Anthony Fauci for lying and “undermining their professions” without any consequences.

By contrast, ‘The Ingraham Angle’ host praised questioners of vaccine-related policies, including Lt. Col. Stuart Scheller Jr., parents at school board meetings and NBA players.

Vaccine mandates have taken a toll on the working class nationwide. As Ingraham noted, New York state’s largest health care provider recently dismissed 1,400 unvaccinated employees. In New York state alone, about 34,000 health care workers have quit or lost their jobs because of Biden’s vaccine mandate

Ingraham also noted that sailors in the U.S. Navy who refuse vaccination “will receive no lower than a general discharge under honorable conditions,” potentially resulting in the loss of some veterans’ benefits.

“In our upside-down world, grandmothers who wandered around the Capitol taking selfies can face jail time as George Floyd rioters who looted and burned entire city blocks run free,” Ingraham said. 

“But Americans, I think they’re starting to wake up.”

“Brave college students, even professors, are taking their fight over mandates to court. Ultimately, the Supreme Court will have to decide whether a century-old case about smallpox is controlling here,” said Ingraham. 

“My view [is] that precedent is easily distinguishable. Cases are declining across America, thank goodness. They plummeted 22% just over the last two weeks and the [Centers for Disease Control and Prevention] – not doom and gloom for once – predicting that positive trend is going to continue. So there’s absolutely zero reason for any business to have any COVID mandate in place whatsoever other than if you’re sick, stay home.”

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