Ingraham blasts Biden's 'big climate con' as 'attack' on American workers

英格拉姆: This is truly sick. Thousands of American workers are going to be leaving their once good-paying jobs in the oil & gas industry to go traveling around the country, capping off the very wells that used to put their kids through college? That’ll be great! Biden’s climate agenda is going to create millions of jobs, 好的… 在中国!

与此同时, Biden is engaged in his own form of torture, by slowly hollowing out industries that American families have depended on for jobs and affordable energy — putting millions of non-slave labor jobs in America out of business. Climate radicals demanded that Biden block the Keystone Pipeline, and he rolled right over. It was a cruel attack on thousands of American workers.

Now you add to that the idiotic decision to ban new oil and gas lease sales and all the drilling on federal lands, and you have an economic catastrophe on the horizon for our country just when we need relief the most after this pandemic.