Ingraham blasts Fauci as 'Man who cried COVID', wonders if days are numbered

INGRAHAM: These emails should mark the end of the road for Fauci. He allowed taxpayer dollars to fund the Chinese lab that may have created the virus that crippled the world and killed millions. And as these emails show, he and his cronies launched a desperate campaign to cover that up.  Was it because they were worried about their own reputation? As for the media’s role in the coverup, they didn’t just protect Fauci, they deified him in their obsession to drive Trump from office and that all continued today.

We know that lots of people inside our government, big tech, and media were motivated not by science or health but they were motivated by what was going to help defeat Trump. This is why conservatives don’t trust the experts and the globalists they serve. Trump didn’t destroy their credibility – they did it to themselves.  

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