Ingraham: California is dying a slow and painful death

“If you want to know where America is headed if we don’t turn the tide against Biden’s socialist regime,” Ingraham said, “Look no further than right here in California.” 

Ingraham argued the Golden State, which she claims “epitomized America’s potential and limitless opportunities,” is “unraveling” under Democrat policies and is a prime example of what’s to come for other cities across the nation.

“Now, I brought the show here because Americans need to understand where we’re headed with the Democrats in charge. For better or worse, the Golden State has always led the way culturally, politically, and, yes, morally,” she said. 

“The American dream in many ways began right here in California. Now, it wasn’t just the land of sunshine, Surfin USA, and beautiful people. But from the gold rush to the tech boom, it was a place that epitomized America’s potential and limitless opportunities. But after a decade of Democrats dominating every branch of government here, it’s all unraveling.”

Ingraham also asserted that Democrat voters in California “may finally be waking up” amid the rise in crime across the state as “left-wing” district attorneys place their focus on letting criminals “walk free” as opposed to “seeing them locked up.”

“Police, they’re understaffed and outgunned and at the same time, we’ve left left-wing D.A.s to run amok,” she said. “People like Chesa Boudin in San Francisco and George Gascon here in L.A., total travesties. They’re more focused on letting the criminals walk free than seeing them locked up and off the streets.”

Ingraham argued that “political backlash is brewing” in California, claiming “the people still have the power to turn the tide” and send a “powerful message to the political establishment.”

“What we’re revealing to you tonight is a cautionary tale,” she said. “The media’s shilling for [Governor Gavin] Newsom and the teachers’ unions and big tech bankrolling the war chest. That’s happening. But none of that can change the fact, the truth, that California is dying a slow and painful death.

“Now is the time to throw the leftist bums out,” she concluded, “And California can lead the nation once again by sending a powerful message to the political establishment. Push us too far and we’ll push you out.”

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