Ingraham: College football fans pack stadiums, send message 'we're done' to Fauci and Biden

The opening weekend did not go unnoticed as the largely un-masked crowds were slammed by critics, including Dr. Anthony Fauci, who voiced his concern saying, “I don’t think it’s smart.

It was evident in stadiums across the country that America is ready to move on from COVID and the fear-mongers who want to keep us apart and afraid,” gesê Ingraham.

Die “Anglehost decried the Americans who have died from the coronavirus, but despite those lost, we cannot lose America to anew normal police state.

Earth to Joe,” Ingraham stated, “We’re done. We’re onto the sick, twisted game the public health sector has been playing on America.

Ingraham pointed out that 75% of adults have now gotten at least one jab of the coronavirus entstof and argued that even though millions more have naturally been immunized, Americans are stilltreated like pariahs if they don’t submit to being vaxxed.

We’ve endured 18 months of lockdowns and capacity restrictions. Mask rules and business closures. Churches and schools shuttered. Concerts and sports cancelled,” sy het gese. “Everyone is trying to have fun again.

Ingraham previewed the coming weeks, saying many Americans will be returning to college, tailgating, seeing old friends, and singing their college fight songs, driving home the point that humans arenot meant to be alone, cocooned off from one another.

It’s time to start living again”, sê Ingraham. “If the rest of you prefer to stay home and shut-in, triple masked with latex gloves, that’s your choice – but we’re exercising our right to make a different one.

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