Ingraham: I democratici stanno 'impeachmentando l'America’ ossessionandosi per Trump mentre COVID infuria, problemi economici

Ingraham: Democrats are 'impeaching America' by obsessing over Trump while COVID rages, problemi economici

Democrats are a handful of anti-Trump Republicans areimpeaching Americaby pursuring action against the president while a host of other problems afflict the country, Laura Ingraham told viewers Wednesday.

The grandstanding today at the U.S. Casa, it was really hard to stomach and I hope you didn’t waste one minute of your precious time watching,” disse “L'angolo di Ingraham” ospite. “It was just another political exercise in futility conducted by self-righteous, out-of-touch blowhards.

Ingraham said many Democrats displayed the worstteenage social media”-type behavior, with lawmakersspewing any hashtagthey could think of.

The entire episode, ha sostenuto, makes Congress appear to beincompetent fools who don’t know how to fix what ails us as a nation.

At a time when 140 million Americans are out of work, when thousands are still dying daily with COVID and small business owners are living in despair about losing their life’s work and when vaccine distribution is appallingly slow in large parts of America, including most of the Democrat-run cities, Democrats are wasting precious time on a moot exercise.

La verità è, Ingraham ha detto, “most of these people, they can’t quit Trump. Without him around, we’ll see just how little they have to offer America.


The host accused Democrats of being unwilling to work with Republicans on anything that may redound to their opposition’s credit. tuttavia, lei ha aggiunto, “when they want to move, when they want to do something if they think it will help them politically or satisfy the ‘Squad’, they are lickety-split.

This political gamesmanship will continue until the swing voters who supported Democrats will say, ‘We are not taking it anymore.

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