Ingraham: Democrats push dark hateful vision of America

잉 라함: Today’s Democrat party is so left, it’s left America. It tolerates mass illegal immigration, coddles criminals, looters & 폭도, and seeks to silence any and all opposition from law abiding citizens.

Look at what they did to Senator Tim Scott on twitter this week—they thought they were being cute with their Uncle Tim hashtagbut really what they did, they just revealed again just how sick and anti-American they have become.

The truth is – today’s Democrats despise our political system. They hate the way most Americans live, and revile our history and traditions. When Biden talks aboutcreating opportunityhe’s talking about the opportunity for big government to grow bigger by taking more of your money and more of your freedom. For the GOP governors, opportunity means job creation in a private sector one that is freed from the heavy yoke of high taxes and endless red tape.


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