Ingraham: Despite disappointing jobs report, untroubled Biden carries on left-wing agenda

INGRAHAM: Biden’s team seems to want Americans to get used to having a lower standard of living all in the name of saving the planet of course. So there’s an opening now for the GOP to put forth a pro-middle class agenda. 1. Fully reopen ALL states immediately. 2. Keep taxes and regulations low. 3. Revive the oil and gas sector to bring energy prices down. 4. Continue Trump’s trade policy – that means no swapping tariffs for fake climate commitments from China. 5. Control the border 6. Replace the Democrats in 2022 and 2024 with people who actually want the average American to succeed, and who don’t want to live their life on the dole.

In other words, we need a swift return to the America First policies of Trump. But of course Biden will probably just dig in, and keep bowing to his left flank. And things will continue to decline. Remember, Jimmy Carter didn’t see the light either. Under his policies, America in the late 1970s became weaker and poorer – our national psyche was hurting and we were embarrassed on the world stage with the Iranian hostage crisis. If Biden digs in, listens to his left flank, pushes for higher taxes and trillions in unnecessary spending, what was Trump recovery will just become Biden’s “malaise.”


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