Ingraham exposes Beijing's American collaborators who cover for China

잉 라함: Fox News confirmed this week that the Biden administration quashed an ongoing investigation into the virus’s origins earlier this year. 지금, it had been initiated by the Trump State Department Mike Pompeo, but sources are telling CNN that the evidence for undertaking it supposedly wasn’t solid enough and relied on cherry-picked facts.

If that were true, then why didn’t the Biden administration say as much at the time and then launch its own investigation. Or is a virus that killed more than half a million Americans and cost trillions of dollars suddenly not worth investigating? Not a big enough deal? Or is Biden’s team afraid of what a real investigation and an unbiased review of Intel would actually reveal? Namely that China was culpable and that, as Trump said last spring, the virus escaped from the Wuhan Institute of Virology.

대신, while Democrats like Biden let the wet market lie percolate, China denied any role, deflected blame and of course, watched the political fallout hit President Trump. The cold truth is this. The Democrats helped the CCP by calling legitimate questions about COVID’s origins conspiracies. All done to hurt Trump. And they will never live that down because it makes them egregious China enablers.

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