Ingraham: Globalists are already planning to ‘subvert your rights and take your prosperity

Ingraham: Globalists are already planning to 'subvert your rights and take your prosperity'

This week’s annual Bloomberg New Economy Forum functioned as a place to advocate for policies that would crush individual liberty in the United States and subjugate the American people to the whims of the international community, Laura Ingraham argued Friday.

The three-day conference, which wrapped up Thursday, included remarks by World Health Organization (WHO) Director-General Dr. Tedros Ghebreyesus, who Ingraham said treated the audience to a version of President-elect Joe Biden s’nBuild Back Bettermantra.

The fastest way out of this pandemic is for us to work together in solidarity across sectors and borders,” Ghebreyesus said. “Vaccination nationalism will prolong the pandemic.

Hy het bygevoeg: “The pandemic hasalso given us something: The opportunity to think afresh about the world that we want. We can build the healthier, safer and fairer world that we all wantand build back better.

You think it’s any coincidence that he’s borrowing Biden’s campaign slogan?” asked Ingraham, who added that statement wasa signal they’re all on the same time, all have the same end goal. Individualism and individual rights will be subverted to the global rights, the communal rights. It’s a sign that Joe Biden won’t put America first.

Ingraham argued that the overarching theme of the international left isglobalists unite against freedom,” noting that the forum has been attended by figures from China, Europe and the Americas, as well as Bill Gates and Bill Clinton.

At this moment, planning is underway by the wealthiest and most powerful people on Earth about how you should live your life, how nations should be structured and societies reorganized all to promote global harmony through a world-wide distribution of assets,” sy het gese. “There’s an astounding lack of curiosity by the media about this project. Wel, it’s largely because most of them agree with the ultimate goals of a global wealth tax and perhaps an international Green New Deal.

The host warned viewers thatif Biden gets into office, get ready for the fight of your life over the next year. At every turn, they will try to subvert your rights and take your prosperity. Om te begin, they’ll crater your personal finances with insane climate policies.

Ingraham then segued into clips of Bloomberg attendees planning totake capital away from those who are part of the [pollution] problem,” while other attendees revisited the idea of carbon taxes.


She noted that Gates himself floated the idea of a globally recognized coronavirus vaccinecertificateto be used as something like a passport to gain entry to nations based on immunity statues.

As people come in, do they have a digital certificate that says whether they have been vaccinated or not?” Gates said, adding that he hopes adialoguewill begin on the topic when the U.S. rejoins the WHO, as expected under a Biden presidency.

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