Ingraham: How Biden and Kerry's refusal to confront China is a symptom of being 'bought and paid for'

Ingraham compared the Biden administration’s refusal to confront 중국 over its role in disseminating the coronavirus pandemic to how President Biden might by contrast confront a red-state Christian university if its biolab leaks a novel virus that infects the world.

“바이든 행정부가 답변을 요구할 것이라고 생각하십니까?? 이러한 위험한 관행을 비난하고 이 무책임한 대학으로 인한 급격한 인명 손실과 경제적 결과를 인용? 물론이야, 그것은 것. 물론이야, the left would assume that the lab leak was purposeful at the university,” 그녀가 말했다.

Let’s get back to real life. Biden’s team let China off the look for what it did in Wuhan, for the cover-up and the harm it inflicted on our country.

Ingraham pointed to Biden’s recent address to the United Nations that notably lacked condemnation or confrontation of China on all these various fronts – while instead preaching global warming alarmism and other concerns.

If China is lying, we won’t know where to look. The press is more obsessed with covering a riot where one unarmed protestor was killed than a pandemic that killed more than 675,000 미국인 — The fact is China is howling at us, 웃음. They got away with global death and destruction and America’s response is the equivalent of ‘thank you, 경, may I have another?’.


The host added that former Sen. 존 케리, D-Mass., appears to be Biden’s newest top China envoy, 후 Secretary of State Antony Blinken was publicly embarrassed by his Beijing counterparts during a tense summit in Anchorage earlier this year.

She doubted Kerry will do anything to confront China, pointing to past speeches where Kerry avoided such things:

There is no U.S. strategy to push back against or be in conflict with China,” he said in one clip – followed up by the host noting the Chinese Communist Party’s government wouldn’t even meet him in person when he flew to China – instead requiring him to engage via videoconference.

Ingraham said much of Kerry’s refusal to stand up against Chinese human rights abuses, its coronavirus culpability and its economic behavior stems from the fact his family is deeply invested in China.

Kerry is married to Teresa Heinz, the widow of Pittsburgh ketchup heir and then-Pennsylvania Republican Sen. H. John Heinz III. Senator Heinz died in 1991 when his plane collided with a helicopter near Bala Cynwyd, 잘.

Ingraham noted that Kerry’s wife is heavily invested in China through her family’s trust.

The choice of standing up for human rights is perhaps tough for Kerry because of the incredible financial leverage the CCP has over his family,” Ingraham은 말했다.

Government ethics disclosures 보여 주다 [Teresa] has over a million dollars interest in a New York investment firm run by a Chinese citizen, and has major holdings in Chinese companies. How does this add up to having a conflict of interest? The Biden administration doesn’t care.

Ingraham added that Kerry’s stepson Christopher Heinz was a business partner with Biden’s younger son R. Hunter Biden in a private equity firm withlucrative partnershipsthat the host reported once cut a multi-million-dollar deal with a Chinese oil company.

His attorney swears he played no role in these ventures,” 그녀가 말했다, claiming Hunter is not the only Biden with connections to China.

She pointed to public statements by another former business partner of Hunter’s, 토니 보불 린스키, who disclosed that an email he received denoted10% held by H for the Big Guy– to which Bobulinski said H is Hunter and the Big Guy is likely Joe Biden.

The financial entangles between the Biden administration and the CCP are frightening. They cast this in a more understandable light,” 그녀가 말했다.

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Number 1, he should just leave all of Trump’s trade policies in place. They worked – Number 2. Stop relying on Europe. Focus on the China threat with or without them – And number 3, fire John Kerry,” 그녀는 조언했다.

Will Biden do any of this? Probably not. President Xi is treating us like a plaything. It’s pathetic it’s so easy to play the United States. He knows with Biden and Kerry at the helm, he has this in the bag. Sleepy Joe is already bought and paid for.

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