Ingraham: It's scary Biden staffers thought his press conference message would work

Honest to God, is this really the game he wants to play?” il “Angolo di Ingraham” host asked.

In un conferenza stampa that sent his staff into clean-up mode the following day, Biden predicted that Russia would invade Ukraine, made a differentiation of what would be considered a major andpiccola incursionefor the White House vis-à-vis Il presidente russo Vladimir Putin‘s plans for the neighboring country, appeared to raise his voice at a reporter after a question on divisiveness, and cast doubt on the legitimacy of future elections.

Presidents Biden and Putin

Presidents Biden and Putin (Chip Somodevilla / Getty Images | Mikhail Svetlov/Getty Images)


The answer to Biden’s question about what the Republican platform comprises, Ingraham ha detto, is a return to Trumpian policies.

Now what’s scary is that some staffer who’s getting paid tax dollars, sai, to work every week actually thought, 'Wow, this line will show America that Joe is really on top of his game.’ But what Repubblicani most support here are Trump’s pre-pandemic policies,” Ingraham ha detto.

“[briscola] delivered record unemployment, rising wages, a tight border, better trade deals, strong investor optimism, and consumer confidence … [Biden's] rhetorical question about the GOP was just another exercise in deflection and distraction. But none of this is landing with the voters.

Former President Trump and first lady Melania Trump

Former President Trump and first lady Melania Trump (AP Photo / Julio Cortez, File)

A January Quinnipiac poll found Biden’s approval to be at 33 per cento, with the majority of Americans disappointed in the president’s handling of COVID-19, politica estera, e l'economia.

The poll reflects historic inflation, il ritiro dall'Afghanistan, and Biden’s failure toshut down the virusas he promised during the 2020 elezioni.

Taliban soldiers stand guard in Panjshir province northeastern of Afghanistan, mercoledì, Sett. 8, 2021.

Taliban soldiers stand guard in Panjshir province northeastern of Afghanistan, mercoledì, Sett. 8, 2021. (AP Photo/Mohammad Asif Khan)

UN Fox Business poll found in December that the majority of Americans said 2021 was a bad year for their families and that they were not hopeful about the country’s future.

Ingraham ha detto, “A questo punto, the nation is just eager to return to some semblance of clarity and pragmatism. They know that Trump conservatives in office, while not perfect, are far better at avoiding economic turmoil and foreign wars.

“Innanzitutto, they stand for America. Democrats seem eager for a radical change away from the American system of government to one that supports a new international order. Now most of us know by now that that’s just a recipe for less prosperity and less freedom for the average person. And what do we say to that? No, Grazie. So as you go low, we’re going to go high, and that’s the Angle.

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