Ingraham: It's the last chance for the Democrats to show they haven't been taken over by the looney left

Ingraham noted that major Democratic cities – such as Nueva York y Los Angeles – have unemployment rates of over 10%, whereas the national average is just over 5%.

Accountants, lawyers and other highly skilled workers were able to transition to home, de acuerdo a un Bloomberg report. It noted that the pandemic restrictions werecrushingworkers who don’t have the luxury of working remotely.

Ingraham said such an outcome was easily predictable but thesmug COVID-19 enforcers– such as Dr. Anthony Fauci – didn’t consider it.

Anyone with a little bit of gray matter upstairs should have seen this freight train of unemployment coming. So harmful and so unnecessary,” ella dijo.

About the massive trillion-dollar packages that are currently looming through Capitol Hill, Ingraham dijo, “We don’t need any of it.

Most of the U.S. economy is doing fine,” ella dijo. “The Blue Cities simply need to fully reopen, bring everyone back to work – just as we’ve been saying for months. There is plenty of pent-up demand out there, and plenty of job opportunities for people just getting started in the workplace.

Ingraham added that she was appalled by the Democratic talking points in defense of the bill, that the multi-trillion-dollar legislative package will not cost because it will bepaid for.

Democrats are promoting the expansive reconciliation bill, which includes a series of social reforms; but the bill has caused a fracture within the party. The multitude of views from progressives to moderate Demócratas within the party have caused a series of roadblocks in negotiations. Democratic West Virginia Sen. Joe Manchin stated that his spending limit was $ 1.5 trillón. Por otro lado, Independent Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders said he wants to spend $ 3.5 trillion to be the minimum.

Ingraham dijo “of course … Biden is on board with these lunatics,” es decir. the radical left.

The Democrats are headed for a wipeout in next year’s Congressional elections. They know this. They know Biden is a failure, and that Harris is worse. So they are trying to borrow and tax as much as possible right now – even though our only economic problems result from the foolish intransigence of their own mayors and governors. And as they get closer to defeat, they’ve become more unstable.

Ingraham believes the massive spending is intended to boost the Democratschances of winning elections. She said they are “desesperado” en medio de “watching their dream to control Americansslip away.

The Democrats are right to think that this spending debate is their last chance,” ella dijo. “It’s their last chance to show that they haven’t been completely taken over by the loony Left. It’s their last chance to show that they still believe in our basic economic system. It’s their last chance to encourage that we return to normal. If they don’t take it – if they keep pushing for trillions of dollars in waste that will spur inflation and hurt Americans even more – the voters will know whom to blame.




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