Ingraham: Leftists want US to stay in COVID crisis mode, 'they want you to be afraid'

INGRAHAM: Facts don’t matter to the COVID cling-ons.  The fall showed that private schools, which ultimately did open for in person learning, weren’t vectors for any major COVID outbreaks.  Schools were creative and careful.  Meanwhile, public schools dug their heels in and stayed shut.  

Even as so many children suffered in virtual learning hell, federal apparatchiks kept giving cover to the teachers unions to justify the closures.  And even when there’s good news in COVID land—and there is now—it always comes with an asterisk.  

The lockdowns that Fauci and Friends supported severely compromised the education of American children coast to coast.  Of course, they’re just proxies for the Democrats—people like Fauci—and globalists who long ago revealed their desire to use COVID to “build back better.” For the “Great Reset” of capitalism to occur, the pandemic has to roll into the next emergency and the next and the next.


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