Ingraham: Left's idea of education is 'reading, writing and inciting'

잉 라함: Where do they learn this behavior? You ever think about that? The hateful desire to destroy communities—your own communities in some cases—and the businesses that employ neighbors and immigrants, 소수, non-minorities, it doesn’t come out of nowhere. This is learned behavior.

Young people are learning that it is O-K to riot and loot when you don’t like the outcome of a trial in a far away state. Imagine if conservatives had the same attitude every time they lost an abortion case? Most America cities would just be mounds of rubble by now. But the pro-life community doesn’t embrace violence. Not like Auntie Maxine.

Young people especially are being whipped up into a frenzy by an irresponsible media at their biased reporting. On social media it’s happening. And of course in schools. Enter the Biden Education Department.

“[Today it] proposed a rule…urging the development ofculturally responsive teachingin American History and Civics and holding up the widely discredited New York Times “1619 계획” as a model.” 물론이야, the big lie of the 1619 farce is that America is a systemically racist country and they go from there.

These themes are already being echoed in schools nationwide.


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