Ingraham: Liberals claim every political move is 'for the children' but the truth is 'dark and sinister'

She played clips of 낸시 펠로시 하원의장, D- 칼리프., claiming herwhole mission in Congress is about the childrenand promising tobe prepared to throw a punch for the childrenif need be, while Sen. 척 슈머, D-N.Y., touted the importance of hard work on behalf of the youth.

낸시 펠로시 하원 의장.

낸시 펠로시 하원 의장. (AP 사진 / J. 스콧 애플 화이트)

Today’s liberals claim that everything they’re doing on climate change, 코로나, the border — even ending the filibuster is because they care about the children,” Ingraham은 말했다. “But the real truth is very dark and very sinister. The left’s core issues — abortion, gender fluidity, the diversity obsession, open borders and COVID mandates, 몇가지 말하자면, actually add up to a war on children.

From the more than 62 million babies lost to abortion since 1973, to the current fad of glamorizing transgenderism in our schools, we’re witnessing a sustained assault on life and innocence by adults who themselves are spiritually lost over time.

March for Life sign at Supreme Court in Washington, D.C.

March for Life sign at Supreme Court in Washington, D.C.

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