Ingraham: Liberals use your problems and 'shiny object's' to push their ideology

INGRAHAM: The fact is, its painfully obvious that Democrats and their media flunkies are totally disinterested in solving the problems facing middle America. If you drive less because gas is too high, good. They hate your big SUVs anyway. If you have fewer kids because the cost of living is so high, good. They hate big families. If the cost of guns is prohibitive and there’s a shortage of ammo, good. They want to gut the Second Amendment. If you’re worried about more crime and less police…too bad. And it’s all the cops’ fault anyway-they’re racist. 

It’s not that the liberals don’t have their priorities – oh, they do – and one of their tactics is to distract with irrelevant sideshows.

INGRAHAM: They have their priorities. But they sure aren’t your priorities. But to be fair, their priorities do include an infrastructure plan – and it does involve building all right – but it’s building a country that you don’t recognize and don’t want to live in.


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