Ingraham: 포틀랜드, Oregon an example of Dems' 'rule and ruin' as murders spike

Ingraham noted that Oregon Gov. Kate Brown claimed in August that the true crisis was one of right-wing violence:

The threat and use of violence against people in the instruction of property to further bigoted or political social objectives undermines our growing commitment to a truly inclusive community. We are committed to working together to keep our community safe and counter dangerous efforts to undermine democracy,” Brown said at the time, 에 따르면 주인.

Ingraham responded by pointing out left-wing 안티 파 rioters caused $ 500,000 in damage in Portland alone last week, none of thedemocracy protectorslike Brown condemned it.

“당연히 아니지! They don’t care, because they will say anything to maintain power and control, no matter how devastating to their constituents,” 그녀가 말했다.

Ingraham added that Portland had fallen from the political left’smodel city” - ㅏ “quirkytelevision show calledPortlandiastarring Saturday Night Live alum Fred Armisen, plus its 21st Century vibe as afun little city run by friendly vegans and environmentalists.

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That all has gone to ruin, 호스트가 말했다, as left-wing policies bear out a tragic existence for the people there.

She noted Brown and Mayor Ted Wheeler roundly condemned then-President Trump for sending in federal agents to quell pro-leftist Antifa violence last year, as the militant activists repeatedly assaulted the Mark O. Hatfield federal courthouse.

This is all kind of the sad, 결정적인, predictable act of everything liberal Democrats touch from Detroit to Oakland and now Portland this reign of terror always ends with lawlessness and exodus and of course death.

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