Ingraham: Republikeine loop moontlik in 'n strik

Die spervuur ​​van kritiek kom ná 'n fluitjieblaser en voormalige Facebook -werknemer, Frances Haugen, na vore gekom, beskuldig die tegnologiereus daarvan dat hy wins bo veiligheid stel.

The choices being made inside of Facebook are disastrous for our children, for our public safety, for our privacy, and for our democracy,” Haugen told wetgewers. “I saw Facebook repeatedly encounter conflicts between its own profits and our safety.

The same left that appears to be outraged at the social media tegnologie giant for allegedly endangering children, according to Ingraham, emboldens “porno, dwelms, … gender-bending, skoolsluitings, masker mandate, and their holy grail of abortion.


“Nie so vinnig nie,” the Fox News host said on Demokratenew moves against Facebook. “Die feit is, Republicans may be walking straight into a trap.

“Maar die punt is, after all they’ve done to damage our children and steal their innocence, we’re supposed to trust them on the Facebook and Instagram issue? Color me skeptical,” sy het gese.

Ingraham surmised that the real “beesvleis” the left has is that Facebook doesn’t do enough to censor conservative voices. ”

It has nothing to do with children,” sy het gese. “The left doesn’t like Facebook because Facebook has refused to suppress all conservative speech. Dis dit. The left has decided to drive conservatives off of the Internet, and they’re afraid Facebook won’t be sufficiently loyal to their plans. They actually got away with banning the former president of the United States — and that’s not enough power for them.

The left is most afraid ofkiesers en vrye spraakas those factors could hurt their chances in elections, according to Ingraham. Dis hoekom, vervolg sy, they are soft with Sjina. If the left had its way, sy het gese, the extreme among them would bring communist values on freedom of speech to the United States.

If they could, some of these hardline Democrats would ban all dissenting opinions on social media. Just like China, they’d call it a threat to the social order, a threat to security, and to harmony,” sy het gese. “This all makes sense if your goal is to maintain power by any means necessary.

Ingraham warned Republikeine should tread carefully asthe Left cannot be trusted on this issue.

Ingraham believes that if Democrats have a supermajority of power, they would abandon bipartisanship and “slaag wetgewing that has the effect of silencing all dissenting speech … They would pack the courts to approve that legislation.

If the left’s ideal plan unfolded, according to Ingraham, the First Amendment, die “freedom that generations of Amerikaners have fought to preserve – would be gone.

God help any Republican who would assist them.




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