Ingraham rips de Blasio for 'cratering' the 'once-great' city of New York

“Now far left Democrats at all levels of government are responsible for cratering a once-great American city,” Ingraham said. “And it’s about to get a lot worse because of something the Angle warned you about at the very start of the pandemic … the only group that hasn’t had its liberties encroached upon in New York are the looters, the thugs and the gang bangers who’ve been free to terrorize a city that’s now at its breaking point.”

Ingraham specifically sounded off on New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio, arguing the Democrat leader “doesn’t care” about the Big Apple and isn’t “proud” of the hard-working Americans who call New York their home.

“Dimwit de Blasio, he doesn’t care,” she said. “His constituency consists of illegal aliens, Marxist agitators, teachers unions, abortion fanatics and assorted free riders, not the proud working people who call New York home.”

Ingraham went on to call out de Blasio’s handling of COVID-19, stating the mayor’s mandates on a city that “has been suffering” have nothing to do with the virus and that the city isn’t experiencing a “COVID crisis,” rather it is experiencing a “leadership crisis.”

“Now, for most of the past 18 months now, the city has been suffering under COVID shutdowns, schools were closed, criminals have had a run of the place. But Mayor de Blasio wants to take the city backward like it’s still May of 2020, all because of the Delta variant,” Ingraham said. 

“I’m here to tell you tonight what de Blasio is doing has zero to do with the virus. I want you to look closely at the death chart from COVID in New York State. Does this look like a crisis to you? Then if you look at New York City alone, a city of 8.3 million people, the 7 day average of total deaths from COVID right now is 5. On April 7, 2020, alone, that number was 815. We don’t have a COVID crisis in New York, we have a leadership crisis in New York.”

Ingraham went on to issue a warning to New Yorkers on the impact of far-left policies, averring that if they don’t “deliver a resounding rebuke,” the city will remain in a “constant state of misery.”

“Until the voters in New York deliver a resounding rebuke to the far left that birthed de Blasio and Cuomo, they should expect a new normal of constant misery in any state, any city that follows their lead,” she exclaimed. “We’ll join them in a slow death via political suicide.”

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