Ingraham: Schools want 'complete and total control' with American taxpayer-funded 'fiefdoms of radicalism'

INGRAHAM: The obvious question why should we send our tax dollars to schools that end up teaching our kids to hate the country? So by choosing an aggressive secular humanist focus, which is now laced with critical race theory. Teachers and administrators have created their own taxpayer-funded fiefdoms of radicalismThey think they shouldn’t answer to anyone outside their own sphere on issues like curriculum, on sports, on anything related to life at school. They want complete and total control, Nessuna domanda chiesta, while parents forget it, be damned. We saw this during COVID, where teachers summarily dismissed parent’s concerns about remote learning


Now with the backdrop of COVID and the death of George Floyd, the school dictators feel like they got the wind at their backs. Many are eager to embrace critical race theory throughout their curricula, across every subject and every aspect of schooling. And all this wokeness costs big bucks, invariably funneled to anti-American race hucksters.


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