Ingraham critica al administrador de Biden por "desviar la verdad" sobre la crisis fronteriza, sumisión a China

“Han trabajado horas extras para negar, oscurecer y desviar la verdad,” ella dijo. “Pero Demócratas are conspiring with an array of activists and business leaders on plans that are already well underway.

Even more significant than the trillion-dollar spending plan, Ingraham highlighted that maintaining open borders and surrendering to China are twounofficialpolicies that willweaken and change America forever.


“En cuanto a China, the Biden Administration’s concern for human rights? Totally out the window,” ella dijo. “They’re happy to ignore cruel deprivations of basic rights to dissent, worship, a fair trial, etc. so long as the CCP makes some, No sé, unenforceable pledge on climate change. Save the planet, but let those Uighurs die.

And with these dupes in the White House, there isn’t a top investment bank or multi-national in the world that would think of steering money away from China. Why bother?”

By the end of Biden’s first two years in office, Ingraham pointed out that millions of more migrants and hundreds of thousands of refugees will have found homes in America while China rises to power.

And as we obsess over our diversity and new-found multiculturalism, China will have likely grown a lot more powerful than America — economically and militarily,” ella dijo.

Ingraham called out DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas for lying during his interview with Chris Wallace on “Domingo de Fox News” about there being a possibility for more migrants to enter the country when it’s obvious the number will growexponentially higher.

By ditching most all of Trump’s effective enforcement tools at the border, the Biden Administration sent a message to the world that the border is de facto open,” ella dijo. “But there is literally zero deterrence from the Biden Administration. De hecho, they want this to continue. New voters and cheap laborit’s a win-win for Democrats.

Mayorkas even told Wallace he’s “OutKick anteriormente” of Biden’s humanitarian relief policy allowing open borders instead of implementing a wall or barrier to ensure national security which Ingraham described as “repugnante.”

Then again, DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas himself is kind of a smooth-talking corrupt-o-crat who has a long tradition of working overtime for the elites who skirt the rules,” ella dijo. “And now he oversees a bigger scam at the border.


America’s borders are undefended and it’s returning to its pre-Trump posture of submission to China,” ella dijo. “Una vez más, the world believes that the future will rise or fall in Beijing, not Washington. And as long as old Joe’s in charge, they’re probably right.

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