Ingraham slams Biden and Democrats for perpetuating 'big lie' that America is systemically racist

잉 라함: 그것이 큰 거짓말입니다. 체계적인 인종 차별. Joe Biden은 항상 국가가 핵심적으로 인종 차별적이라고 믿었습니까?? Barak Obama와 그가 한 번이 아니라 두 번 당선되었을 때 그는 이것을 믿었습니까?? 역사적인 선거. Did that do nothing to remove thisstain on our nation’s soul”? What about the 1965 민권법? Does Joe Biden really believe that he presides over a country where law enforcement is essentially a racist killing machine?

Who knows—even if he’s not the one making the calls on this stuff, he’s mouthing the words. But don’t think for a nanosecond that the leftwing media and activists who went on and on today about George Floyd and they were worried about justice. They are not focused on the tragedy of George Floyd. Because for them he was just a stepping stone to tearing down America. They have to convince all Black Americans that police hate them and will never be fair to them.

Why do Democrats keep doing this? Why do they keep selling this big lie about systemic racism? I have a theoty, because their policies are so bad for everyone, but especially for Black people. The Covid lockdowns were horrific for the inner city, permissive mayors and weak police departments are turning our streets over to criminals. They’re going to shift your jobs overseas the Biden administration, leave open borders to do what? Drive down wages.


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