Ingraham slams Biden's decades-long career as an 'unserious laughing stock'

President Biden may sit in the Oval Office today, but it’s worth remembering that for most of his political career, he’s been an unserious laughing stock. Up until 2020, his own party never took him seriously as a presidential candidate.”

Ingraham noted that Biden looked like a “president in retreat” during his last two addresses to the nation, and compared his appearance to former President Trump who she said “no one doubted for a second” was in charge during his term.

“The fact is, Biden is really a third-stringer, always has been. He’s the type of guy you trot out for fundraisers or speeches to the local Union Hall, not the person you actually put in charge at the White House.”

Ingraham slammed Biden for “tearing up” Trump’s plan for withdrawal from Afghanistan that has resulted in chaos.

“Now, thousands of Americans are stranded with no clear way of safely getting to the Kabul airport and they’re at the mercy of the Taliban. Of course, old Joe though wants you to believe this whole mess was completely unavoidable.”

Ingraham also questioned how the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff could also not have known what was going to happen in Afghanistan saying, “A month ago General Milley was droning on about white rage, and now he’s the one who looks angry and irritated. How do men like this become Generals? Or maybe the problem is, this is exactly how people become generals.”

Ingraham went on to call out Biden’s “incompetence” on the world stage and throughout his whole career in Washington. As Afghanistan devolves into chaos and issues like the border crisis and inflation rage, many are questioning Biden’s ability to serve as Commander in Chief.

“Unfortunately the guy Democrats nominated is the one person who couldn’t function as a real president.  He’s just an old guy who comes out from time to time and reads statements that other people have to write for him.”

Ingraham continued, “In terms of domestic policy, real power will flow to the Hill, to Schumer, Pelosi, AOC, and their donors. In terms of foreign policy, real power will simply leave the United States altogether. The major players will be the European Union and the CCP, and Biden’s people will be told to go along with whatever decisions the grown-ups make.”

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