Ingraham: The left's policies destroyed energy independence achieved under Trump

Under Biden, gas prices have skyrocketed to a seven-year high at just over $ 3. Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm blamed the novel coronavirus as the cause. “Everything is tied together,” she said. Additionally, the price of natural gas has also increased, meaning the U.S. might see heating bills up 30%.

Ingraham said that if skyrocketing gas bills don’t wake up New England from sending liberal politicians to Capitol Hill, she doesn’t know what will. 

“Here’s the bottom line: everything the Democrats are doing is discouraging investment and job creation … and at the same time it’s going to prompt inflation. We need to end the attacks on our energy sector, fully re-open the economy without these mandates, stop the crippling taxes and regulations that push businesses overseas, and stay out of disastrous trade pacts like the Trans-Pacific Partnership.” 

“If we keep going down the path, we’ll end up with a combination of unnecessarily high unemployment and rising prices – just like we had in the days of Jimmy Carter. Looking at all of this, I could say one thing: elections could not come soon enough.”

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