Ingraham: The scientists aren’t president, or are they?

“For whatever marginal benefit a wet, cloth mask provides, it had become a security blanket for Democrats who wanted to get rid of Trump, and the old traditions of America.  Bad actors inside and outside government perversely kind of ended up loving COVID-19. Of course not the deaths, but the opportunity the crisis presented to usher in a permanent new normal.” 

Ingraham said that Democrats knew if they implemented excessive restrictions the public would assume the country was is in “crisis mode,” which would justify their expanding government benefits and overreach.

“Biden had to offer something to a beleaguered nation. So one of his main pitches, as you remember, in 2020 was ‘elect me because I will have a plan, we’ll be disciplined and organized, AND WE CAN BEAT the virus.’”

Ingraham also criticized the White House’s messaging calling it “idiotic” saying that it was even angering their media allies.

“We already have nearly 90 percent of those over age 65 vaccinated in the US. It is literally insane, or diabolical, to issue new directives that punish Americans who are just getting back on their feet.”

Ingraham called out the CDC for shifting their goalposts since March 2020 saying, “Two weeks to slow the spread, remember you had Mike Pence up there, you got to save the hospitals.. then it went to lockdowns and capacity restrictions until we had a vaccine. Well, we have a vaccine now, and now, it’s entirely conceivable that Democrats will be wearing masks at their 2024 convention.” 

The host said there will always be a reason to go backward, “We could have 90% of the entire country vaccinated, and they’d still come up with some new reason we need COVID restrictions in place.”

Biden ran largely on solving the COVID-19 virus, which Ingraham noted calling it a political “disaster” for the president. She also noted that the “demand for new restrictions” usually start from other “health experts” on cable news.

“His ‘experts’ are fighting him on that, and he’s either too out of it, or too ignorant to know this. Every time you change the rules, it’s not sufficient to explain it away as simply ‘we’re listening to the scientists.’  The scientists aren’t president, or are they?”  

Ingraham said that it’s Dr. Fauci who is ramming through restrictive policy. “Now it’s clear who’s really the Commander in Chief, and he is coming to command you and the president to follow his edicts, if we let him.”   

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