Ingraham: Too-powerful tech oligarchs silence GOP while giving full reign to China, radical Islamists

Ingraham: Too-powerful tech oligarchs silence GOP while giving full reign to China, radical Islamists

The uproar over Big Tech’s crackdown on social media users like President Trump and upstart platforms like Parler has little to do with the First Amendment, Laura Ingraham은 월요일 시청자들에게 말했습니다..

We obviously know that Facebook, Apple, 트위터, 기타. are private companies,” 말했다 “잉 그라함 각도” 주최자. “We know that the Bill of Rights doesn’t apply to private companies and when we use the terms ‘free speechand ‘free expression,’ we are speaking metaphorically, not literally.

The real issue, Ingraham explained, is that many private companies like Twitter havetoo much power,” and often have market capslarger than the GDP of our closest allies.

If Big Tech was truly worried about speech that incites harm and violence, 잘, 유튜브, Facebook and Twitter, they would have removed all the content from Antifa and radical Islamists years ago,” 그녀가 말했다.


There’s always a risk that in a system like ours, a small group of rich people will end up having outsized influence, too much power,” Ingraham은 계속되었습니다.. “And that’s where we are right now. So instead of talking about rights, it’s time to start talking about power.

We cannot allow a situation where the [Chinese Communist Party] has unlimited access, unlimited ability to spout dangerous propaganda while the GOP is effectively silenced. And that means we must ensure that this tech oligarchy never amasses that type of power, that much power again.

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According to Ingraham, the real purpose of Big Tech’swar on conservate thoughtis twofold: Halting what she calledTrump’s digital momentumwhile ensuring conservatives arevanished altogether from the public square.

I still remember when liberals were liberals, when they distrusted big corporations had they supported debate and dialogue,” 그녀가 말했다. “But long before Trump, they gave up on trying to persuade political foes and they decided instead to persecute them. Silence them. Demonize them.

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