Ingraham warns 'misinformation' censorship could extend to other areas of politics

Yesterday at the White House, this was during the press briefing, the Biden administration made clear that they’re going to stop at nothing to put a complete stranglehold on all the available information.

Ingraham took issue with White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki’s defense of working with Facebook to get what they deemtrusted contentto the public.

The phrase gets overused, but this is truly Orwellian. Orwell is doing backflips in his grave, and they aren’t embarrassed by this. Infatti, they thought the messaging of their coordination with these behemoth social media companies, that it was so effective and so on point, they sent the Surgeon General out on the morning show circuit to sharpen the point.

Presidente Biden stated that the misinformation on Facebook era “uccidere persone,” but Ingraham believes there is something more behind this move.

They want to see how far they can push social media companies to control the message out there that they think is inconvenient to them way ahead of 2022 and 2024.

Ingraham went on to warn that thesemisinformation crackdownscould extend to otherdeclared emergencieslike climate change, gara, or gun control.

We should be very very wary of what’s going on here. Especially ahead of next year’s midterms. I think the Democrats know their agenda is falling apart. From immigration to runaway inflation, the signs are all there. They know their ‘voting rights’ abomination is going to go down in flames. They need something else to jack the vote next year and who better to lend a hand in the lead-up than their pals in big tech.

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