Ingraham: We don’t have an actual president in charge

“We have about now 3,500 troops re-deployed in Afghanistan as of tonight, hundreds of thousands of people trying to get out, China is poised to exploit the situation, the U.S. border under siege with COVID-infected migrants, and we don’t have an actual president in charge.”

Ingraham continued, “Yesterday, Joe Biden darted back to DC from Camp David, read for about 19 minutes, then took no questions and skedaddled off the podium. Oh, then he went back to Camp David.”

Earlier Tuesday, Biden’s national security advisor Jake Sullivan spoke at the White House press briefing and drew criticism by saying the administration “intended” to get Americans out and asked them all to go to the airport, which is currently surrounded by the Taliban. Sullivan later tried to clarify his response in a tweet.

Ingraham responded to Sullivan’s performance saying, That wasn’t the only shocking revelation today. Apparently, our most experienced foreign policy president was so busy trying to figure out how to use those TV remotes at Camp David that he hadn’t spoken to another world leader during the crisis he helped create.”


Ingraham said the White House felt so much pressure that they “scrambled” to report that Biden did in fact speak with Prime Minister Boris Johnson. 

The Fox News host questioned how the president could be under the “delusion” that Afghanistan was a stable country, saying, “I thought Biden and his team were foreign policy gurus who could totally get other countries to help the United States. I thought they had a plan. Experience is key they said. Biden would calm things down after Trump and get us back to the regular order of things.”

Ingraham called the chaos in Afghanistan “one of the most humiliating defeats” in U.S. history and continued to criticize Biden for not talking to anyone.

“Shouldn’t Biden be talking to everyone, and trying to assure them that he actually knows what he’s doing?” she asked. “Even if the Biden team doesn’t think he can do the job, shouldn’t they at least pretend that he can do it?  They could have given him flashcards or something to read on the phone, anything. But no, we just have radio silence.”

Ingraham called on lawmakers to hold the president accountable, “Democrats and Republicans on the Hill should all be demanding that Biden clean house and bring in much better people to get this situation under control.  We can’t take three more weeks of this, much less three more years.”

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