Revisione interna delle raccomandazioni sulla sicurezza del Campidoglio condivise con i legislatori

Lt. Gen. Russel Honore ha condiviso con il Congresso la sua revisione indipendente sulla sicurezza al Campidoglio degli Stati Uniti e ha presentato raccomandazioni per radicali cambiamenti per rafforzare le protezioni per i legislatori dopo il gennaio 6 insurrezione, two sources with direct knowledge of his findings told CNN.

The recommendations include those first reported by CNN last week, such as adding more than 1,000 US Capitol police officers to help protect lawmakers while they are in Washington, DC, and back in their home states and installing retractable fencing around the Capitol complex.
A gennaio, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi directed Honore to conduct an independent review of the security presence around the Capitol after a pro-Trump mob breached the building.
    The draft recommendations also include improvements to physical security infrastructure around the complex, better communication resources for officers and additional personnel to bolster a force that was overrun by rioters last month.
      The addition of more than 1,000 Capitol Police officersat a cost approaching $ 100 milioni — would include some 350 officers and expanded staffing in regional offices, according to the sources with knowledge of the draft recommendations.
          The review found that the force must be expanded in part to meet memberssecurity needs when they are back home, one of the sources with knowledge of the findings told CNN last week.
          Questa storia è in sospeso e verrà aggiornata.

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