Investigators conclude 5-year-old Harmony Montgomery was murdered in December 2019; Remains not located

New Hampshire Attorney General John Formella says that investigators have concluded from biological evidence that Harmony Montgomery was murdered in Manchester, 뉴햄프셔, in early December 2019. Formella says that the case is now officially a homicide investigation.

“이 지점에서, while Harmony’s remains have not yet been located, we do have multiple sources of investigative information, including just recently confirmed biological evidence that have led us to this difficult and tragic conclusion. 결과적으로, 오늘, I’m announcing that this is now officially a homicide investigation and that our investigators will continue to seek justice and look into the circumstances of Harmony’s murder and search for her remains,” Formella said.
Manchester Police Chief Allen Aldenberg speaks at a news conference in Concord, 뉴햄프셔, 목요일에, 8월. 11, 2022.

하모니 몽고메리 was reported missing in November 2021 by her mother, Crystal Sorey, who said she last saw the girl during a FaceTime call in the spring of 2019. Police say Harmony was last seen in October of 2019.
      We understand that this is truly devastating news for Harmony’s family, 친구, and loved ones, and our hearts go out to them. This is also devastating news for the City of Manchester for our state and all who have followed this story our work now turns to getting justice for harmony and all those who loved her,” Formella said.
        The homicide of this little girl rests with the person or persons who committed this horrific act. The Manchester Police Department will do everything within the limits of the law to ensure that the responsible person or persons for the murder of harmony are brought to justice,” Manchester Police Chief Allen Aldenberg said.
          Aldenberg said anyone with information on the case should call the dedicated tip line at 603-203-6060.

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