Iran using its proxies to destroy Israel, high price must be paid: 와. Gillerman

AMB. DAN GILLERMAN: This is really Iran using its proxies. Both Hamas in the south of Israel and Gaza and Hezbollah in the north are nothing but the bloody tentacles of the twisted minds and the horrible regime of the ayatollahs and the mullahs in Iran who are also intent on destroying Israel. 사실로, Israel is the only country in the world where a member of the United Nations — 어디, 아시다시피, I served for six yearspublicly declares that its intention is to destroy another member of the United Nations, namely Israel. So it’s true, Iran is stirring up terrorism and extremism in the Arab world, in Syria, in the north with Hezbollah and indeed in the south with cause with Hamas. 그래서, 사실로, our fight is not just against Hamas, it is also Iran. And I know the Iranians and Hezbollah are watching it very carefully. And we have to make sure that when it’s over, they will realize that whoever messes with Israel pays a very, very high price.

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