Iran's only female Olympic medalist to compete under white flag in Tokyo

伊朗女奥运奖牌获得者Kimia Alizadeh已获得德国难民身份,并计划于今年夏天在东京举行白旗比赛,以参加奥林匹克难民队.

阿里扎德, who won taekwondo bronze at the Rio 2016 奥运会, fled to Germany last year after several offers to compete for the Netherlands, 加拿大, Belgium and Bulgaria.
She said she had left her homeland because she was fed up with being used as a propaganda tool.
Taekwondo changed my life,” Alizadeh told Reuters. “When I got a medal, I was the first athlete in Iran and, after that, all the people knew me andthat was hard.
    The 22-year-old, who now lives in the Bavarian town of Aschaffenburg, is training with her husband and can compete for a ticket to the Olympics at the European qualifying tournament in Sofia in May.
    The young athlete plans to join the Olympic Refugee Team, which will be picked in June from a group of 55 athletes in 12 体育.
      Germany’s Taekwondo Union said its president had contacted the interior minister over Alizadeh’s refugee status last summer, adding that Alizadeh was Germany’s third refugee athlete.
      “现在, everything is okay. The important thing is that I can have my personal life and my sport life together,” Alizadeh said.