¿Biden está preparado para liderar a Rusia y Ucrania después de un año de desastres en política exterior??

Presidente Biden ran on and then promised the American people that he would “reparar nuestras alianzas.” Afirmó que Estados Unidos “competir desde una posición de fuerza.” Pero un año en, the Biden administration’s approach has appeased our adversaries and abandoned our partners.

Protection from foreign nations, securing our borders, and protecting Americans from the scourge of crime here at home are the Constitución‘s charge to the commander in chief. This president has failed to answer this call.


Hoy dia, Vladimir Putin is knocking on the door of Ukraine, our trusted partner. Los Estados Unidos, under Joe Biden’s leadership, has failed to de-escalate the conflict and stop Putin’s imperial march. De hecho, they have done quite the opposite.

The president has not maximized his options for defensive weapons sales to Ukraine, and Putin knows it. He also knows the Biden administration lobbied Democrats to reverse course and vote against Nord Stream 2 sanctions, necessary actions to prevent the handover of Western Europe’s energy security to the Russian regime. There have been extensive assurances by Biden’s amateurish national security team that reactivating sanctions in the event of a Russian invasion of Ukraine are sufficient to force de-escalation, no es gran cosa, they’re being proven wrong.

Russia will continue to scoff at the Biden administration without decisive and proactive action.

It was just last summer when President Biden abandoned our citizens and allies to the stone age Taliban-regime in Afghanistan. He created a vacuum for Communist China and Russia to partner with the regime that once housed the terrorists who attacked America on 9/11. The same terrorists who are now more emboldened by the United Statesdisastrous retreat—and have felt no repercussions for killing 13 of our service members in late August.

Now is another time for choosing. Our choice concerns the commitment President Biden has to keep Americans safe.

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