ISIS affiliate claims spate of attacks on Taliban in Afghan city of Jalalabad

The eastern city of Jalalabad in 阿富汗 has seen a spate of attacks against the Taliban this week by the group IS Khorasan (ISIS-K), an affiliate of ISIS.

ISIS-K claimed three attacks in the city on Wednesday and Thursday. Through ISISofficial Amaq media outlet, it claimed to have killed six Taliban personnel in three different attacks. Two were carried out with guns and the third used an improvised explosive advice. In Thursday’s attack, the group claimed thatCaliphate soldiers targeted a member of the Taliban militia with pistol shots, which led to his death.
CNN cannot independently verify the casualties claimed by ISIS-K. Local media said three civilians had been killed in the attacks.
    The Taliban have not commented on the attacks, but local media quote security officials as saying that three ISIS-K members were killed on Tuesday. The circumstances of their deaths are unclear.
      ISIS-K claimed the suicide attack at Kabul airport 上个月, in which more than 170 人们被杀. The bomber identified by the group came from the province of Logar.
        Charlie Winter at the International Centre for the Study of Radicalisation at King’s College, London said on Twitter that aftergoing darkin the wake of the Kabul attack, the group hadonce more kick-started its operations” 在阿富汗.
        The analytic group Extrac, which follows violent extremism, notes that on September 19 单独, ISIS-K claimed seven attacks in Afghanistan, focused on what it calls ‘the Taliban apostate militia.
          According to Reuters, the group said through Amaq’s Telegram channel that it had killed 35 Taliban members in blasts on September 18 和 19. The Taliban did not immediately comment on the casualty claims, Reuters said.
            ISIS-K has been active in the province of Nangahar, of which Jalalabad is the capital, 以来 2015. Last year it staged a raid on Jalalabad’s prisonallowing dozens of prisoners to escape.
            On Thursday the US Defense Department announced that an ISIS-Kfacilitatornamed Kabir Aidi was killed in a US drone strike in Nangahar on August 27. The Pentagon said Aidi wasdirectly connectedto the suicide attack at Kabul airport.