Israeli crew given 'water salute' for assistance during Surfside building collapse

We wish them a safe flight back home!,” the agency tweeted along with footage of a water salute held at Miami International Airport.

The final send-off comes after the unit was cheered on by local and federal task force teams and the family members of Surfside victims, given the Key to the County and were made honorary commanders of MDFR on Saturday.

6 월부터 24, the world has continued to mourn with Miami and the victims of the Surfside collapse. The recovery team has removed millions of pounds of concrete and debris since its collapse.

당국에 따르면, Surfside’s death toll has risen to 90 사람들, with an additional 31 individuals who remain unaccounted for. Recovery efforts will continue until the 31 who remain unaccounted for are found.

폭스 뉴스’ Emmett Jones contributed to this report

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