It won't be easy for Cowboys nor Saints in Big Easy

看一看, 你会发现八位访客是最喜欢的, including Thursday night’s matchup in the Big Easy.

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Which won’t be easy for either side.

牛仔队, losers of three of the past four, have COVID-19 issues that will sideline coach Mike McCarthy among others. They also have slumped recently, though life in the NFC East has allowed them some leeway.

It’s like anything; we are far enough into this that everyone understands what we need to get done,” McCarthy says of the disruptions caused by virtual meetings and various protocols. “I feel good about the prep. I think with all the change going around us, it is making our team focus tighter.

The focus for the Saints likely will be at quarterback. Since Jameis Winston’s season ended on Oct. 31, they’ve been in scramble mode at the position and have dropped four straight games. Taysom Hill, the do-everything playmaker who had success (3-1) 在 2020 when Drew Brees was hurt, figures to see more action now that he’s recovered from a foot problem.

There’s nothing like playing quarterback in this league, and so certainly that requires an additional amount of energy and responsibility,” Hill says. “You have a greater ability to affect the outcome of a game.

没有. 10 Dallas is a 4 1/2-point favorite over No. 23 and fading New Orleans, 根据 FanDuel SportsBook. We like Hill’s chances of keeping it close, 但 …

牛仔, 23-20

KNOCKOUT POOL: Baltimore didn’t play very well, but did enough to keep its survivor pool supporters going. 本星期, we need to go with KANSAS CITY, which seems to have turned it around.

没有. 26 纽约巨人 (加 4 1/2) 在没有. 21 迈阿密

The Dolphins are on a roll and their defense is for real. Tua might be, 以及.


没有. 4 新英格兰 (加 2 1/2) 在没有. 7 水牛, 星期一晚上

AFC East title possibly on the line here. Go with history

UPSET SPECIAL: 爱国者, 23-21

没有. 6 巴尔的摩 (minus 4) 在没有. 20 匹兹堡

Pro Picks can’t find a reason to back the spiraling Steelers right now, even though the Ravens aren’t close to top form.

乌鸦, 22-16

没有. 12 旧金山 (minus 3 1/2) 在没有. 28 西雅图

Pro Picks can’t find a reason to back the spiraling Seahawks — and the Niners are close to top form.

49ERS, 26-13

没有. 16 丹佛 (加 10) 在没有. 5 堪萨斯城

As we said above, the Chiefs seem to have found their mojo — particularly on defense.

芝士, 26-17

没有. 18 明尼苏达州 (minus 7) 在没有. 32 底特律

Minnesota makes a habit of not finishing, but Detroit has perfected that art.

VIKINGS, 30-18

没有. 1 亚利桑那 (minus 7) 在没有. 27 芝加哥

We think the Cardinals are for real. Chicago’s 4-7 record shows how real it is.


没有. 3 坦帕湾 (minus 11) 在没有. 24 亚特兰大

Isn’t this about the time in 2020 when the Bucs took off toward the championship?

海盗, 31-15

没有. 13 Indianapolis (minus 9) 在没有. 30 休斯顿

The Colts won’t forget the running game this Sunday against the leaky Texans.

鞋类, 33-14

没有. 22 费城 (minus 6 1/2) 在没有. 29 纽约喷气机

After that stinker in the Meadowlands last week, got to expect more from Philly this time.

EAGLES, 22-17

没有. 14 Los Angeles Chargers (加 3) 在没有. 9 辛辛那提

The Bengals have a rough schedule ahead, so they desperately need this.

孟加拉语, 28-27

没有. 19 华盛顿州 (加 2 1/2) 在没有. 15 拉斯维加斯

Both teams are in the playoff mix, though the loser here will be straining to get there.

抢劫犯, 30-28

没有. 31 Jacksonville (加 13) 在没有. 11 洛杉矶公羊队

Those are a lot of points to lay on a team that has lost three straight. Then again

内存, 27-10




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